I can't believe it's been since June

since I've last posted. Yikes! i am soooo sorry!!
so do you want an update? of course you do!
Well, we are expecting baby number 4 End of March early April.
Would you like to know what baby Gendron is?
yes of course, She's a girl.

Shawn chose the name and he picked Genevieve.
I really want to spell it with a J, and call her Jenna, but
he insists we keep it a G, so people will say or last name correctly.
It's not "Guh-end-RON" It's said like: "Jen-drin".
Aidan and Aiva are going to school together now.
Aidan loves it soo much and so far has been doing well.
Aiva is getting too big for me, all of a sudden she's interested, in love, boys
fashion, and she is six.
where did my little innocent little one go? She's a follower so the little girls she rides the bus home with, have taught her quite a bit..
yeah, I dont like it either.
We have a puppy. Sadie. She's a Golden Retriever. She's such a sweet heart.
Well, this is short but a start. I promise to blog again, and again, and make it
a habit. Sorry I've neglected y'all for so long. I've missed sharing..