Okaaaaaaaayyyy.. sooo my coooompuuuuuuuuuter was soooo slow today, but for once, i was sooo very thankful for the raaaainn, and oh there was alot of it! I got so much done! But when the sun returns, you can bet your bottoms that the Gendron crew will be out rollin' in the grass racing and just embracing the wonderful stage of toddlerhood-mommyhood..

Here a a few shots from Kevin & Deanna Brown's wedding July 11, 2008..

Congrats you guys! I love you and am sooo very happy to have you in our lives! ANNND I CANT WAIT TILL YOU HAVE WITTLE "D'S" AND WITTLE "BROWNS" TO BLESS THIS WORLD!


Mission statement!

Well, I dont have one yet ..
but last night i read a quote that really hit the nail on the head for me:

* A true measure of your worth includes all the benefits others have gained from your success *

and then this mornign I got an awesome email from my brother in law Matt in Tampa, FL and near the end of the email he said : "Lastly just remember that your success can be measured as much by the joy you bring to others through your talent and hard work as it can by your business and financial success."

I love it, God is too good to me yes so yeah.. getting back to work on what I am about, why and all that.. just had to share, i've been grinning from ear to ear all day!

Here are two shots of the storm clouds moving in that day!
The middle pic makes me think of that flying dog creature from the Never Ending Story? I think?
Never saw the movie...

The Mann Clan


Nicole & Grace

I am so psyched to have been able to take photographs for these two beauties!
I love this shot of Grace looking up at her

I think I fell in love with these two, and buttermilk falls!
AND I CANNOT WAIT to be able to photograph them again, and watch Gracie grow!
I am blessed!


Nicole & Gracie Lynn

I am going to have a really hard time choosing which ones to add to the
site when it goes up in a few weeks!
Maybe I'll just use all of them?

Oh what troopers they were!
It was humid hot and soo sunny.. it's summer right? I love summer, but being a mommy now you realize you have to peel your kids off of you, and its oh so uncomfortable when you have to lug a baby around on you as well, sometimes a cranky one too!
But Nicole & Grace were AMAZING! Gracie is the sweetest and smiliest baby, nothing bothers her and it was beautiful seeing the love she has for her mama!
I am so thankful we could spend some time together and even more so that I could get some shots of you guys and find a beautiful place that Nicole showed me in Ithaca. I had been by so many times, but never noticed, and especially can't wait to go back!