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Aidan's 4th!

Happy 4th Birthday Aidan! from julie gendron on Vimeo.

Kate Dave and Maives future.. well. i wont go there. But the cutest little boy besides my Aidan.. HUNTER! ')

Dave Kate and Hunter Bennett from julie gendron on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday Gramps!

Happy Birthday Grandpa! from julie gendron on Vimeo.

Sean & Ariane

Sean & Ariane from julie gendron on Vimeo.

Aidan's 4th!

Happy 4th Birthday Aidan! from julie gendron on Vimeo.

Love. Family. Patience.Photography.

I am taking the time out to write this blog as fast as I can while my 5,4 and 20 month old are playing nice in their room
( yes we live in a two bedroom)
because someone will either not share, hit, take something from someone or need or want me.
I have a flood of message in my facebook inbox with questions yet to be answered, questions I never though
"I" would get asked, or know how to answer.
I am still learning to use my canon rebel xti in manual mode and I talk about my pointer finger spinning the wheel
to make the arrow move on the meter... that's how I explain things.
So, I have to tell you about the www.momtog.com
I have been addicted to it since September.
I shot my first wedding this past August 1, 2009.
Prior to that day my husband and myself argued about me buying a new camera to which I am not ready.
I did however buy myself a second body just incase, my first wedding was lovely but there was alot of behind the
scenes stress and drama, unrelated to me, but most of all it left me discouraged
as I had been asked repeatedly through the day; "THAT's,your camera." You don't LOOK like a professional!
"My dad has that camera.." stuff like that.
And yes as far as the looks go, I did feel like I was going to a funeral and will never wear black again!
But then one morning almost a month after my first experience of being a pro I read this blog
I especially love what DrewB wrote:
"having the most expensive camera with the most expensive lenses won’t make you a good photographer.
It’s only one part of the puzzle. You need to know how to use that equipment and have a good understanding of light.
Someone who has a Rebel camera body, the Canon 50 1.8, with a good knowledge of light and how to use their camera
will be able to take better pictures then someone who has no understanding of light and a 5D Mark II and 50 1.2."

I felt like a million bucks reading that, relieved, inspired and just the kick in the rear for me to keep going.
Since then, me and my rebel have done 9 families this Autumn, two more weddings and booked 4 weddings for 2010!
I have even had to tell a few people, not that I enjoyed it,
only because of the lack of time in my life.
Yeah, I can't believe it either!
I have so much to learn about EVERYTHING,
computer wise, I don't even own Adobe Photoshop yet, internet, branding.
Definitely feels overwhelming but I know this is how it begins, and with Drew B's blog www.momtog.com
I have learned so much, and will continue to due to her sacrifice in time, love for photography and generosity
to share her knowledge and experiences with us!
It's a wonderful gift to be connected with someone across the country on another coast.
Who is pursuing photography, who is a fabulous mom and making it all work.
She's genuine, funny and lays it out to where we can connect and understand
the language of our cameras, and make better decisions.
Ok, the littlest is crying, the floors are dry and dry dishes need to be put away.
This is the day the blog has made let us rejoice and when we have the time blog in it.
There will be another blog later today catching you up on my photo adventures and what I've been up these past 3.5 months!
Thank you for your love, support and patience.
If we havent connected via FB
go here: http://www.facebook.com/JulieGendron?ref=name
or here for just photography: