Tara Staton Workshop:: AUGUST 27-29th 2010 ITHACA, NY

Would you like the chance to win a free spot at the workshop,
or any of the other locations? You do? Well then, visit
the website and click on the link "WIN A SEAT"
and follow the super easy directions won't you??

SO yes, the fabulously talented, ultra sweet, cowboy boot wearing sweet heart from the West
will be visiting upstate New York, Ithaca to be precise
( be still my beating heart! )
:: I love Ithaca ::
Born and raised! And wouldn't you just loove to meet her, be blessed
by all her knowledge, hands on learning and encouragement??
Yes you would I knew it!!
So sign on up!
Do NOT wait! You may think it's a ways off and that you have enough time
to sign up but there is a limited number off attendees so do not hesitate!
Possible lodging:

The Grey Barn

The Brookton Hollow Farm

Yellow Barn B&B

Rogues Harbor Inn

Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport

Everything is so close in proximity.
If you have any questions please feel free to call me:
607 217 4413
or email: Julie.Gendron.Photo@gmail.com

-Julie Gendron { Jen-drin }



Tis the season.

For Julie to start blogging again.
From December through April I go into hibernation and take a break from blogging and other things.
I nap, I excersize, read lots of books, snuggle my babies and slooow waaay down like molasses.
Wait, make that honey! you know.
Well my friends it's April 2nd and I am baack! Have you missed me. Sorry I didnt warn you.
I'll give ya a full lowdown update on myself and the kids tomorrow.
I just want you all to know that I've dearly missed you through this grey cold wintry months, but I am so ready for this 2010 spring-summer-fall.
be blessed!
Mud factory madness on April 1st Aiva & Aidan's first day for their spring break!
Love it! Oh the sunshine!

Yes, i am certified awesome mom of the year for letting my kids do this. right?? RIIIGHTT???

Mommy's little Race car ya-ya. Yes she get's it from her mama. so serious behind the wheel! "nnneeeeeerooomm!"

<3 my life!