Crowned Embellishments by Meg Fish!

Aint she just a beauty!!!
Oh I just love her to pieces.
So i tried to get her on her belly, but she woke up soon after..
she is four months old on tuesday.. so yes, wishful thinking on my part.
But I snagged a decent shot of her wearing her Crowned Embellishment by Meg Fish.
Isnt she quite the lit'L princess?
Yes I thought so too.
Quite right
Quite right!!
Meg Fish is my favorite Newborn/baby/maternity photographer, forever and ever. I was so excited when pregnant with Pippa, i literally in all my sleep deprivation thought i could save enough money to fly to Santa Barbara, Ca and have her photo sweet Pippa Genevieve...
well, a girl can dream. for now, i just visit her site daily, and "awwww..." and dream, and get insired.
Send her some love!


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She believes in love and romance. She believes her life is going to be transformed into something wonderful and exciting. She has hopes and fears, just like anyone. Sometimes she feels frightened. Sometimes she feels unloved. Sometimes she feels she will never gain approval from those people who are most important to her. But she’s brave, and goodhearted and faces her life head on. Sophie Kinsella

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love the lyrics to this song.

Ingrid Michealson's Turn to Stone
let's go to sleep with clearer heads
and hearts too big to fit out beds
and maybe we won't feel so alone
before we turn to stone

and if you wait for someone else's hand
you will surely fall down
if you wait for someone else's hand
you'll fall, you'll fall

i know that i am nothing new
my words might not seem much to you
but brother how we must atone
before we turn to stone



So I have to write these feelings down before i head to bed.
Pippa is so lovely. She is my lovey.
disclaimer: I am not playing favorites here, I have loved Aiv's Aidan and Maive just the same. But i never wrote down all the love i feel and so I want to know at this late hour, because I hate that feeling of regret..
Sweet Pippa Genevieve.
Waking up to her in the morning.. the white in the room, the brightness, her lil pink lips, creamy smooth skin, long blonde eyelashes and lil sleepy but almost near wake time sighs. the grins, the bigger gummy grins she makes when she finally does peak open those baby blues and sees me....
I love how babies have to communicate at this age. They cannot talk/know language yet..
I love how when we make eye contact ( all the time ) She seriously casts this spell over me and i can't look away.. but how you look at each other, face to face, baby softness in your arms, and she can just look at you, and you can see she just loves you to pieces, not that you are just a food and comfort source, but a serious bond.
Waking up to her is like... a piece of heaven right there
i love that we are so close, i love to hold her all the time, carry her to and fro my little buddy... like she never left the womb, but here she is on the outside, even closer to my heart. I love that she loves to be close to me.
I love who when she gets super happy, she gets all wriggly like a puppy, wiggly and squirming, big happy eyes, big happy smiley gummy mouth, cheeks that look as though they could pop, and squeally "ah's" bursting out in her : " I am soooo crazy happy to see you my mommy" mode.

i love her so much, she is so special, gentle, sweet, happy, snuggly, just amazing pippa, i wish everyone could meet her, and feel the love I have.
I know I'm her mom, and maybe the only person capable of feeling this, but I do wish we could all feel it, you all could feel it,I think this love I have, it's so powerful i swear it could cure illnesses... here's a dose of baby girly love, pooof your cancer is gone like..
I have so much more to say... but the words arent coming like they were before i fried up the laptop! boo!! and my eyelids wont stay up..
kdis are up in 7n hours, and i am mommy to four, plus a golden retriver, and nurse to a very in pain hubby...
gotta get my rest and off to snuggle with my pippa G, we have the bed all to ourselves! :)
thanks for reading, my heart is full and needed to spill over.... so I share.




Three weeks ago..

My sweet little Pippa finally made her way into our world, a week early. My water broke, the rest is history.
She is sweet. so sweet, so tiny, gentle and quiet.
Blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair.. she sleeps way too much, you have no idea how much i wake up at night to check the monitor...
I love life right now, i love cooking and doing dishes aside my husband.
More hugs, more laughter, more time together, no exhaustion, no work stress, no drama.
Spring is here.
There are vases of flowers in my kitchen.
No more back pain, and slew of other health issues... gone.
Just a beautiful baby girl, a bigger family, smaller house, and a whole lot of love filling us all up!
here she is:

oh and please check out Brandi Scott's blog, she was there for the birth and got some amazing amazing shots that i am so glad i will have the rest of my life to get to look at whenever i want. ( so important as i was put "under")
Love love love her work, go squeal!!




More precious with time..

even just a little ol' 18 months..
18 months or so ago we took a June trip to the Adirondack's for three days.
It rained a lot, but the kids were content for me, and Shawn got to do some mad awesome Fly fishing!
I've learned to step up and get something out of it for me when we go on these every so often to i booked a photo session with Rae Barnes.
Oh man Oh man, it was the first time shawn and myself had been in front of the camera like that, well i practice on him all the time, but you know, new person just met.. crazy rained in kids been confined all day..
she was just so awesome and sweet.
I got these photos out this afternoon to look through and re position in the little slide in cheapO album i have.
But really, I've learned how important it is to have them, the real thing, in your hand. NOT on a CD, or on your desktop or hardrive..
I think I'll stop offering the CD to my clients. Because really, they hardly print anything.. they keep them on CD's.. they get rathced or dusty, the walls are still naked.. the work and time I invested in them does not get the proper appreciation.
If you are going to pay to get your photos taken, get them printed people!
Plus I learned from Rae Barnes, because she was so awesome at emailing me and informing me educating me on some things to really take a step back and question how i was pricing myself valueing myself and really taking a look at what other people see..
I learned they just saw someone with cheap prices.
It kind of floored me, but hey we all learn.
We all have niches and talents and gifts..
a business owner, confident woman is not one that I am, but I am totally ok with what I am.. and i could list what I am here.. but i wont.. I just smile to myself.
It feels good to finally fit in my own two shoes! :)
BUT REALLY REALLY REALLY, i'll stop ranting (( so, sorry havent been sleeping and have sicky kids so i feel rushed )) I just love that in a little itme of 18 months here.. well, it feels a lot longer.. and looking through what Rae Captured that day, her talent, the time we had, the wetness, the phenominal job she does behind her camera and artistically on the comp. i am just still blown away, and blwon away at how much my three kids have changed in a year and a half.
These photos are a treasure that just keep on getting better and better with age.
I am inspired!!!
Thank you thank you thank you to Rae Barnes!!
All photos by www.raebarnes.com
oh.. yes.. and i was going through a phase. I still remember the look on my husbands face when I came home with hair all whacked off and bleached.. white!!

Rae Barnes is now residing in Philadelphia, PA
IF you are in the area def book her/add her and congratulate her as they're expecting with second child! :)
Rae's FB

I love looking at these so much!
I can't wait to invest and get more of these done sometime after the new arrival comes.
Due Apri 1st!