Monday's cute moments!

Today, Maive was just glued to Aidan, and Aidan was glued to muah. Aiva was content being nearby, practicing reading, and drawing with her new colored pencils, and making up songs..
So my two little red heads are like inseperable, sort of. I was sitting on the floor, and aidan was leaning on my knee. We were finishing up or picnic in the living room and watching Toot & Puddle. Maive just kept toddlin' around us, everyonce and while coming up to me and pointing to my nose or cheek "waz zat?"
Everything is " waz zat " and even after you tell her what it is she is pointing too, she ask's it over and over again.. its funny, but yea
Aidan was leaning on me, and I kept watching Maive. circling around just looking at her big brother, like she was in awe of him. I tried placing myself in her shoes and looking through her eyes, and i kind of got a glimpse of what my little britches see's when she looks at her bro.. its weird to then look at aidan, my little boy, and see him dual, big brother ( big to maive, older ) and my little 3 yr old. It was a cool moment. Aidan by the way is getting FRECKLES! Out of know where, and its soo cool! He is growing tall, and i miss his smushy cheeks already, i love to kiss them still.
Another moment, well, moments from the past few days.. Aidan, out of know where will come up to me, grab my face between his little hands and lay one on me! It rocks my world, my heart melts, and i just feel so loved! what a true love! He even does the whole.. " mmmmmmmmmwwwaaaaaaaaaaaah!" and giggles. He's been singing songs too! oh he's talking so much now, some of it is still Aidan talk, me lost in translation, but he is making so much iniative to be understood, and to learn and correct himself. Another moment was tonight, i was walking around their room while Shawn put a new bulb in the nightlight. I looked at Aidan who was patiently awaiting my return glance. His face was directed away from me, but his eyes locked on mine.. and this smirk! it was wild. I did the same i turned my face, smiled and kept my eyes locked on his, and then we both laughed.. the crazy kid. God uses him to just keep melting this old heart of mine. Those are some recent moments, minus photos. sorry no photos. Live and love your life!

OK so i can't leave this post totally pictureless.. here you go:


warm fuzzies,
julie --> Shawn said no on my Juliette idea... darn it! 'oP



I can't wait to for the earth to turn green again!!
and I cant wait to meet up with these beautiful ladies again this spring!
I bet Gracie has grown so much! Upper Buttermilk falls, Ithaca NY is a beauty and one of my favorite places, to chill at, hike and just appreciate life, and this spot rocks rocks for a shoot! Enjoy these from June 2008!



Also, what you read here has really let me know about who i am, what i want to be about, and ideas for branding/logo/design... FEEDBACK WELCOME! ;0D

Last night, I could not get my brain to stop thinking, it was like if your brain could smile inside your head, that's what it felt like, and with each idea and dream that came forth my heart was just being filled, I think it's a God thing I REEEALLY DO!
Saturday June 12th & Sunday June 13th I will be holding a thing ( not named yet ) where from 1pm -4pm I will have alotted 30 minute sessions for families. I have to scout out this area's parks to see what would be best. I need to start making some flyers or cards to hand out at church, and maybe our local christian book store. I want families to be nominated by someone else. or they can nominate themselves! Did you know there are still families in the area living in FEMA trailers from the june & nov. 2006 flooding? and so many families with both mom and dad out of jobs? So many tradegies as well this year, so I want to do this, and if there is perhaps an overwhelming response, Ill set up Another one in the beginning of August & Again for October ( aaaauttummn ) said in operatic tone!
The families I shoot on the weekend in june will meet me again at the same park ok Sunday July 13th and I will present them with prints and hopefully more gifts.
I just need help in thinking of ways to earn the money to get prints, some frames, maybe some other neat photo gifts. So, I convinced my husband to let me use some of the money we get when we finally have a garage sale. Been married six years and accumulate alot of "SHtuff" through three children. Also, how else do you think i could raise money, bake sale maybe?? Have people donate??? I dont know this part.. yikes.. help is appreciated!
Also I'm going to start collecting a box full of things like, pinwheels, bubbles, magnifying glasses, stuff that might attract the attention of small children who may be shy, rebellious or bored?? It must be freaky for some kids to have a strange girl with a big black contraption hiding her face, or stuck to her face following them around taking pics, so i thought these things could help distract them from me and make for some fun pictures, also i thought of getting bunches of balloons and maybe some butterflies for releasing.
My best friend suprised me at our wedding with this, and It was so wonderful. again more priceless pictures for the families. Let me know what you think about this idea. I love the truth, i shared this idea with some friends in the area, i think its the giving part of it, and the money part that threw them for a loop, and that's ok. But i"ve had this on my mind for quite some time, I try to forget it, and it just returns keeping me awake.
I appreciate your time in reading this! and any ideas or help with this is soo appreciated!

Dont give up trying to do what you really want to do. where there is love & inspiration, I dont think you can go wrong. ~ ella fitzgerald


here's a gold star for you mommy, you did a great job being a mom today!

"For real Aiva, awww you so rock!"
I totally woke up with the grumps this morning, no clue why but I DID not feel right, but i took imitrex and my day ended up being phenominal.
Also, here's some mommy tips: My kids listen to me better when i talk like MRS. Butterworth
It spices the mothering sometimes mundane days a little when you pretend to have a british accent my personal fave.. i feel sophisticated when i do this, my kids fave are when I do Mater from the movie cars. I found myself doing a first on sunday, i was totally aussie.. and no, i havent watched Australia either!
I love life, " I have all my life to live, all my love to give! " -survive, by cake. ( thanks sara! )
I went to bed at 9, and guess what ( blogged this a long time ago ) But I still smile, not knowing because most of the time fluff the pillow and lie back staring up at the dimpled ceiling. tonight I kissed the little ones, said good bye, night night love you our usual 4-5 times "Walton's" style and laid my head down on my side. then it came.. that smile.. i only know im doing it when i lay down on my side because when it happens it makes a sweet noise, my cheek puffing out against the pillow.. then
my brain.. it started.
doing that goldfish thing it does ( for you Mary! )
Started listening to my eyelashes blink against the fabric of the pillow, i started thinking of my childhood a little bit, and im not sad at all, but one repetative thing i think about and i cant put into words is this:
when i think of my childhood, i see this little girl, experiencing rough, hard things, and i want to just reach out and love her.. hug her hold her rock her kiss her and be her mommy.. I see this like its a rerun on tv, but then i stop and think, no that's me, im remembering me, but seeing me like, as if it isnt me and it's somebody else. It's just weird to have two of me in a same image young and now hugging the same person? I KNOW I MAKE NO SENSE it makes my brain put its breaks on and switch to another thought.
by the way, you know Minority report, where Tom Cruise, or forget watch this for a minute and then come back:

OK that's so my brain, minus the me using my hands and such, and my brains much faster, but yeah ive got like 4-5 things going on in my head all at the same time, all the time.. is that normal? is it a woman thing? please tell me if it is..
so my brain goes to another thing. The past few nights as i come up the stairs, we have a window at the top and the stars have been so bright and lovely. Aiva and i look at them before bed, and yes she's started asking me those typical 4 year old why questions.
I turn over and look out the window thinking about our universe.
You know how it goes.. HOW huge the universe is, how large our galaxy is, floating around with all the other galaxies. The size of the sun in comparison to the earth, how small we are in the grand scheme of it all, how many of us are breathing on this planet right now, and how many people who have gone before us and that whole scripture about sparrows, and God knowing the numbers of hairs in our nose, i mean head...... thinking about when i was writing earlier today and the sun was shining in brightly. I stopped and looked up in thought, and this lone dust particle was making it's way through the sunbeams. slowly floating, .. i returned that moment to my thoughts of how small we are, and how small that dust particle is, and then show small our cells are, atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons... and then, just how big our creator is! LIke wow big, like bigger than the universe! like starwars, the force is with you and in all things, GOd is my force.. the scale of it.. makes my brain put on its breaks again and I sit up and shake my head as if it's a rattle and something is going to fall out of my ear.. ALSO, PLEASE WATCH THIS: http://abcnews.go.com/video/playerIndex?id=2721331 I THINK THIS IS AMAZING! please watch it after the commercial i know you will think its neat! and if you don't believe in an intelligent creator {GOD} can you really believe that all this just happened, that our cells and the proteins and things in just came about and do there job, just cuz?
OK SO I and i get up to come down stairs and right this to you, knowing that if i do, ill hit publish post and head back to bed and smile again, totally not purposley, like ive said before it just happens, ive even had a few nights where i thought of it before hand and tried not to, and i still did.. for the most part it's an unconscous thing. I tip toed down the stairs, creaking along the way, my shoulders cringing and kissing my lobes, and i find my goldfish brain trailing back to that happy little dust particle illuminated and dancing it's way through the sun beams earlier this afternoon. I wonder if after it disspeared it if found it's way to me as i was writing and inhaling peacefully. did it attach it self to a nose folical.." nose hairs! " nice.. and i find myself recalling sneezing a few times.. it must have! 'o) Good night people, be amused.. and thankful youdont have my brain, or imitrex releasing it's second life in your system. Definatley weird dreams in store for tonight!


to be me..

sleep deprivation is kind of fun, forget why im walking into a room repeatedly and cant finish a sentence to save my life. I totally feel like a goldfish, in a cluttered fishbowl, thaaat kind of attention span...but it is fun! atleast for my husband it is, he is LOOOOVING kickin' me when i'm down.. well, im not down, but i am totally not making any sense talking, and i slurr my words.. big time... there has been alot of silly laughter between us latley, and im glad this no sleep and sick kids has a bright spot. I love you shawn, thanks for laughing with me, or at me, either way i dont care, i just tell myself "with me". ok for the rest of this sunday, more hugs less talk.. mexican food & dancing in the kitchen.

oh and i did something a lil diffent this weekend.. i took pictures of me, myself and I..here is me... shawn told me i kind of look hookerish with all that eye makeup! I reminded him I'm scandinavian: blonde & hairless so ive got to paint myself, AND!! look for freckles! yes the sun has returned to NY!!! yay! I love my freckles, they take away from my big smushed crooked shnazz!



Spring, have you come early? You silly little season..

.. if so thank you thank you thank you!
Thank you for the birds now filling the air with beautiful calls.
Outside beckoning our souls to reach up stretch and begin again.
Thank you for all the new life you bring. For golden sunshine,
sweet smelling air, beautiful rainy days of grey fog and lush irish green.
Spring how I love thee! I'm glad you're here to stay! Thank you for tickling my heart.
Side note: I am suuuuuper overtired, and just got the baby back to sleep, she woke up from a bad dream or something. When I'm really tired, I cant think clearly but my fragmented thoughts are a bit sort of poetic.. Surely tomorrow I will be mortified that I clicked on Publish Post.
Smile dearys!
Juliette <---- no it's not my name, but my name is in it, and wouldnt it be so romantic and unique if it was??

Aiva made a new friend. She found her little buddy all by itself. We told little yellow to please bring some more of her friends and promised to not pick any of them, or stomp them.

Aiva DID NOT want to leave her new found friend Faith Cecile at the park, but she did want to go to dance class, which was why we had to leave, oh life, so full of choices!


freckle time, freckle time freck-freck-freckle time, freeeeckle tiiiiime!

I am one zonked mama.. i didnt get a chance to excersize today, eat breakfast or have coffee. I did drink lots of h2o and Shawn made fish tonight for dinner.. and he brought me home two lemons, how i love lemons.. the smell.. the color.. he loves me!
Here are some dandy little diddys from this sunday. The Gendron Five had a blast playing outside in the sun, getting muddy and exploring, just running with not as much boundaries! I got some freckles too, anything to take away from my huge nose, thank you dad for giving me your nose and ears..
enjoy, be blessed & be delightful!

Dear God, help me appreciate every season of mothering with new eyes that see life from the fresh perspective of my child. AMEN.

Yes I totally know Aidan needs a hair cut... i will.. soon.. but I do love his crazy hair.. think Gene Wilder!

goodbye snow peeples.. thanks for making us smile in the winter months as we peered out the windows to wave at you! See you next year!

And my little "rebel w/o a cause" has finally started eating w/utencils! I know I know, waaay to long overdue! but everything has to be on "his time"- I have up on Thanksgiving. Saturday night I came out from the backroom and there he was, he at with his fork the whole time! rock on little buddy! I praised him soo much, he was diggin' it. Then sunday morning.. Aiva never finishes her milk.. so he crossed the table, grabbed a large spoon and had at it! "slurrp sluurp!" what a relief!
He's talking soo much you guys! its awesome, and today i did some math, and I estimate he says mom about 470 times a day! no joke! yikes!

Maivey is hard to photograph, she's always bouncing! Notice Aiv's? future shutterbug?

Aiva adores dance! and the girls she dances with are soo sweet and gentle! it's a blast!

{ Aint she a peach?}

Today's Quotes are brought to you by: THE ONE & ONLY AIVA SOPHIA!

She came stomping in the room, lips smushed together like a fish, eyebrows down.. think the Brain from Pinky and the brain...

and proceeded to tell: " Daaaaaaaad, Moooooooom... Aidan just ruined my MESS! " "Hmmph!"
(hands folding across her chest!)
then about an hour later as Shawn and I were finishing up the bills here in the office, she came back in, exasperated by how long it was taking us, she was getting quite impatient and wanted us to play with her.
"Daddy, I just came in to let you know that you are almost dumb, alright?!?"
translation: I hope your done, i'm sick of waiting!


Waving goodbye to Winter!

I've been loving life latley. It's easier you know? Knowing that Spring is right around the corner! This winter has felt soo long! Aiva and I have been coloring alot of colorful pictures featuring rain and rainbows, sunshine & flowers. Aidan has been jumping in puddles & he totally digs the way the ground smushes under his feet. The earth is so soggy right now, and he is loving this! Maive started walking about 10 days ago, and wont stop now! She's a pro! Aidan woke me up this morning and it was nice to not have to run out the door @ 8:30 to school. I woke up to his face beside mine on my pillow, his beautiful teeth and smile, long eyelashes and squinted green eyes.. i froggily said: " Mornin' Aidan.." and his reply was to wedge his little fingers under my neck and say "Teeeekle,Teeeekle.. MOM-MOM!" It was a nice way to take up! Silly boy! And by the way, for a 3 year old who is constantly smothered by his 4 year old sister & having a 14 month old sister who doesnt relent off of him, seemingly always pestering him. I think he does awesome, i treats them so well, and there is hardley any reason to ever get after him, most of the time if he hits, one of the girls swiped at him first, or is doing something to him he doesnt like. Maive, She loves to be close to him. They seem to really like the same things! Aiva though, Aiva knows all the secrets to Maive's heart of laughter!
Here are some images taken from the past few days, sorry they're arent alot of Aiv's, she was either by my side, or coloring at her desk. I will remedy this lack of the petite artiste's missing appearance in this blog! Promise!

Maive kept walking around this patch of sun on the floor and i realized she was trying to catch the sun in her hands, or dust particles?

Forgive the scattered laundry- it's clean and had been folded until the kids thought it would be fun to grab the piles and make a fireworks display of them all around, laundry parade, and its ok, i loved watching it!
Aidan adores being outside! He's totally like FREEEEEEEEEEEE! GO BUDDY!

Tiny tickles in early morning hours

Yes i gots my hairs cut, courtesy of Kristin Wilcox, the hair guru!!