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Aiva's Christmas gift. :) Best big sister!!

I forgot to share this with you..

Aiva's gift this christmas is to :
" I will help mom when she has a baby, and I will take care of the baby. "

Helluvagood. and pointless posting.

I went to bed at 9:30 and here I am at 1am. wide awake.
with heartburn.
Do you know why?
I will tell you why,
or show you...

I could NOT stop eating horseradish.
Horseradish. Like it was cookie dough ice cream.
I was making Billy burger's ( my dad used to make us these with chocolate milk shakes at least once a week ). It's like a grilled cheese sandwich ( very cheesey ) with ground sirloin patties.. he makes them ultra thin.. i have yet to figure out how...

and all the while making the burgs and home fries.. i kept shoveling bites of Horseradish down my trap.
Horseradish=1am heartburn... and i hate taking rolaids.. it's worse when you are woke up by your babies at 6am and your mouth taste likes rolaids ( cherry )
so this is my view right now..

Is it weird that I am sitting in the dark with just the stove?
ah... well..
sooo i'll be weird and do this:

bwahahaha.. you wanted to see my baby bump didnt you?
sorry.. i'll share soon, had to tease, shawn got me those boots i'm wearing and i'm trying to figure out if i wear them with my non jeggings, maternity pants tucked in, or just keep them out, i feel kind of goofy with them tucked in. they are ohhhh so warm. Curing my biggest complaint which is how cold my feet stay in this old house all winter.. "saaa-weeeetuh!!"

cool matching glovey things without the fingertips and hat too.
well, i guess i should try and go back to sleep now.. since my kids are up everyday anywhere between 5:30am-6:30am..
Lordy, help me! :)
2 more days and it's Christmas.
I sad.
because before I know it. It'll will be gone!
slow down time!!
and as i typed that last line, little baby Pippa is drummin' away in my belly!
:) figures ( and i grin )


2011 ( or really, and I miss summer post.

Contemplating the Life of a Photographer Mom.
.. there's going to be an eclipse tonight around 1:33am I heard.
hmm.. wonderin' if for the 3rd night in a row if I'll be awake and see it?
probably NOT.
started a business, maintaining-keepin' it going?
more pink.
going back to church.
loosing baby weight once she's here.
tummy tucks?
longer days.
these are the things that really repeat through my head, or i deal with all the time.
what do you think 2011 will bring you.
I have no clue what is in store for me, well, a little bit i do.
Baby girl, more family time, more dancing, more family picnics, sunshiny days, gardens,more country, more deep breaths more love and the word NURTURE.
One word for 2011. NURTURE.
The end.

My"If I wasnt pregnant Christmas wish list" (( meaning if i wasnt saving up for sweet things for Pippa! ))

Saddle-Up bag $39.90 -Alloy.com
Fave Picks are the Boots and Bag

Love the coat and boots from www.Alloy.com

Scarf & Gloves also Alloy.com
Jewelery from http://www.charlotterusse.com

necklace $8.50
earrings $9.50

ug.. and a hair and makeup makeover please and thank you. :)
A girl can dream*


I am partial to these names.

GO to the Right!------------------> :D



to be a girl.
it's awesome, we are allowed to love pretty things. to feel pretty.
we love sparkly things, we love magic, twinklies, we love fairies, we're tendered hearted, we're complicated, but the good lord made us with so much mystery, so much love so much to offer.
the UPS guy brought me the gift I bought Aiv's this year.
I really wanted to get her something special this year, one gift that isnt practical silly or will get thrown in the toy bin.
So i found this at ThingsRemembered.com
It's sooooo her.
I had to open it as fast as I could to check it out as her bus was 10 mins away!
OH gosh i was brought back to being a little girl again..
The magic music box twinkley music, the girls spins around in a circle inside the globe ( i totally forgot to shake up the snow/glitter for photographic purposes ) in my hurriedness.

but oh my.. i love it! i cant wait to see what her reaction is when she opens it christmas morning!
and it's large.
it's the largest water globe i've ever held in my life.
and i personalized it.

and it was on sale for $25.00!
hee hee.. that is all, i had to share, you know me, little miss sharey pants.


cleaning out drawers and organizing jewelry leads to..

memories. of the utmost important kind.
This morning I was taken back 7+ years ago, when Shawn and I met, our love,
how it grew, blossomed. Shawn and Julie. Just us. New love.
Young'uns. Childless.
It's been a whirl win of 7 years of marriage..
I wouldn't take it back, change it, wish of anything different.
We've fought, oh have we had some fights, we're ridiculously stubborn, opposites, selfish and then some..we've been through flood(s), been to court with family, changed church families, waved good bye to friends, surviv(ing) being a one income family, living in an money pit of an old home. but we're positive and making memories!
We've birthed three little ones and one the way ( April '11) 4!! beautiful babies into the world.
A piece of him, a little piece of me.
One.. then two.. three and four.. gifts from God.
These are some photos of "love" notes, "uuuuuuuu-uuuuuu" that Shawn wrote to me in the beginning.
I save them in this little book that a necklace came in. ( from the dollar store 2002 )
The story behind the ring with the green jewel. Shawn got it out of one of those toy capsule vending machine thingies.. and jokingly he asked me to be his wife.

I giggled, a lot. my face turned red. i squinted. of course, i didn't have to answer.
You know how when you're younger well i was 19, but us girls you know how some of us think and get all giddy. Giddy because Hello? My favorite color is green, always has been!
You know how it goes with coincidences. Clearly we were meant for each other, uh duh!
I still have that ring, see?

These things just make me happy. The Notes, I love to get out and read every so often.
That time in my life was the first time that anyone every truly loved me. Needed me. and wanted to see our relationship grow beyond just dating. For real, someone loved me, and if you know me that growing up, that was and is a big deal!
Those notes prove and show the beginning of our love and how two people fell in love, and now are family of six. It's just a wonderful thing.
Just thought I would share. We are SO NOT perfect, but we have rough days, but we also enjoy a lot of wonderful days!

and i have to share this:
I looove this:
So Maive Alisabeth was 3 weeks old Valentines day 2008.
The night before, being a mother of newborn you are on "alert" and i woke up to Shawn stirring through our bedroom. I asked him what was that matter, the baby?
He told me no worries he wanted to check on her, and get something to drink.
I tried to get back to sleep but felt urgency to check on this little peanut

I came into her room to him bent over kissing her in her bassinet as she peacefully slept in the sweet pink light.
We got something to drink and he headed up to bed, I went back into check on her again ( you mom's know how that goes.. at least I do.. I always have to gaze upon that heavenly cuteness one laaast time, in hopes of it embedding itself clearly forever in my mind )
and there was this red box with white bow. right next to her..
My hubby was soo very sneaky that night.
I cried.
yeah, hormones, but mostly sweetness, appreciation, surprise and a little bit of guilt to. :)
He got me this.

I had sooo been wanting this for about two years. Saw it in an add from a catalog called
Red Envelope
Oh man oh man!
When little Pippa comes in April, it will be complete ( not planned that way ) but so exciting!
I just love our love, my love, HIS love, their love. I love the love in our home.
Jesus knows me this I love. I'm thankful for the utmost prayers of my heart have been answered. So grateful. So worth it.