Almost 4 years!

That's right! This August Shawn and I will celebrate 4 years of being married! And time has flown! We have a little blue-eyed curly haired almost 3 year old girl, and a little carrot top unstoppable boy headed towards the big 2! We now own a home and life just has finally slowed down and things seem to be just the way I dreamed and hoped they would be someday as i layed on my bed as a child alone in my room staring out the window.

Sometimes I can't believe all my life long dreams came true all in such a short time. The man of my dreams, the lie defeated that I wouldnt be able to have children, God literally took the dream of a little blonde girl running around the yard with long gold curly locks chasing butterflies and made it real, i saw it come to pass a few weeks ago and i was overwhelmingly sent to my knees in gratitude.

Aidan too, while at work I would listen to Fernando Ortega's THIS TIME NEXT YEAR and I would soooo cry, indeed. I would imagine my son sitting on Grandpa's lap and such... this was 2 years before Aidan blessed our lives. They lyrics:

Turn up the lights so we can see

The red-head grandson on your knee

Better hold him while you canHe'll be walking soon

This time next year you'll want to take him

Down the old road behind your house

To show him the sun on the autumn fields To smell the wind-blown alfalfa

To look out where the geese are rising for their southern flight

Circling arrows in the skyAbove the ditches and the cottonwood

Chorus:This time next year

There'll be stories to tell

And he will listen to you, quiet in your arms

And there'll be songs to sing him

While he goes to sleep

When we gather in your home

This time next year

The boy is laughing on your knee

Hold him up so we can see

Hold him high because we're lifted in his laughter

And in the gladness he has brought you

As you walk these heavy lives

Well, that dream came true too! I dont know why I deserve these dreams of mine to keep coming true. Maybe I've finally had it coming to me after the first 19 years were really NOT FUN? who knows.. for now i am done writing.. it is hard to find time to blog... but it'll be something healthy to keep up, help with being greatful daily....

-mamaJ OUT!

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