I have nothing important to say.
I havent been sick, but feeling so lousy and tire the past two days.
Today is alot better but still I can't stop yawning or get in "go-mode."
SOooo much laundry to fold, dishes to put away, and always I am mopping the floor 2-3 times a day.
My questions for you is, since we all feel this way now and then, " Besides coffee or energy drinks, what get's you going?"
Mango mandarin candles or a fragrance from B&B?
Bible reading?
Chattin' it up with your sis?
I know I will be hitting up the vitamin store pretty soon since New York
is destined NOT to be sunny ever again, and we live in a cave pretty much.
What do you take? St. John's Wort? Vitamin B's D's??
The cold, dark days that are feeling quite "Groundhog Day-ish" are reeeeally gettin' to me.
My dad is having a quintuple bypass tomorrow so prayers would be appreciated.
Mom successfully had a quadruple bypass in August, and is still mending but doing wonderfully.
Thank's for reading and here's some priddy pitchers..

The Manning Fam!


Stephanie & Barry!


Little ol' me waiting the window with cocoa in hand for my hubby to come home! ')


uh.. rawr???



We be hangin'!


carmen said...

Julie, I'm an AZ girl living in WA State, so the winter blahs really get to me, too. I'm not much for coffee or energy drinks, but nothing gets me warmed up and feeling better than a good round of Turbo Jam!! The music is fun and really gets your blood pumping - but I have to do it first thing in the morning, otherwise I will find a million and one reasons NOT to do it! It's close enough to the holidays, too, that you could turn up the holiday music and decorate or bake. Those are fun things, too. Especially if you get your little ones involved - it's so exciting and magical to see things through their eyes - that's some good motivation! I really love your photos - you are so cute and you and your hubby make such a nice looking couple! I think you should use the second one down of you (the one with your pinky finger) as your profile pic on Facebook!! HUGS!

carmen said...

OH. MY. HECK! I just watched Aiden's birthday video. Could he be any more adorable??! I absolutely LOVE his red, curly, curls!! You are so LUCKY to have him!

Allison said...

These pictures are GREAT!! I love them- especially the ones of you. You're beautiful. :D

Julie said...

I'm also Julie G...in Az now (used to be in Jersey!) Beautiful photos! I found your blog via Shabby Blogs. =)

lizzybits said...

you have great style and pics and fam and i know, fun....i fell into your blog last week and just stopped back....i'm a mom, only my hubby, griff and i are amazed that we are now parents of teeny boppers (they would die to hear that word! it seems like our 2 kids were your kids' size a minute ago....blogging would have been so nice to do while they were napping. i like that you take the blog time for yourself....
i still have the same feelings as you sometimes....in new england....the weather etc.....you have alot of family stuff right now....i like getting out and walking with a friend and our dogs...but even alone, seeing other people makes me feel better...even if the laundry isn't folded and dishes are in the sink, have a friend with kids stop over! connecting with people who have a similar life to talk about STUFF and who understand always gives me a better outlook!......come visit me on my blog if you want!

lizzybits said...

what kind of camera is this...the pics are awesome....love the black and whites...i have so much to learn! i'll be back...

gray photography - zach and jody said...

ummm... Pretty much awesome here!! This blog is soooo cute!! Love it! We sooo need to hang!!

Renee Marquis Photography said...

Your so dang beautiful girl!!!!
Need to get you and Nichole together for a photo shoot ;)