Three weeks ago..

My sweet little Pippa finally made her way into our world, a week early. My water broke, the rest is history.
She is sweet. so sweet, so tiny, gentle and quiet.
Blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair.. she sleeps way too much, you have no idea how much i wake up at night to check the monitor...
I love life right now, i love cooking and doing dishes aside my husband.
More hugs, more laughter, more time together, no exhaustion, no work stress, no drama.
Spring is here.
There are vases of flowers in my kitchen.
No more back pain, and slew of other health issues... gone.
Just a beautiful baby girl, a bigger family, smaller house, and a whole lot of love filling us all up!
here she is:

oh and please check out Brandi Scott's blog, she was there for the birth and got some amazing amazing shots that i am so glad i will have the rest of my life to get to look at whenever i want. ( so important as i was put "under")
Love love love her work, go squeal!!




Sonia said...

Congratulations for such a precious baby girl! Loved the photos! Thank you for sharing. Wish you all happiness in the world!

Caity said...

Congratulations! Gorgeous baby and she looks so much like you!