So I have to write these feelings down before i head to bed.
Pippa is so lovely. She is my lovey.
disclaimer: I am not playing favorites here, I have loved Aiv's Aidan and Maive just the same. But i never wrote down all the love i feel and so I want to know at this late hour, because I hate that feeling of regret..
Sweet Pippa Genevieve.
Waking up to her in the morning.. the white in the room, the brightness, her lil pink lips, creamy smooth skin, long blonde eyelashes and lil sleepy but almost near wake time sighs. the grins, the bigger gummy grins she makes when she finally does peak open those baby blues and sees me....
I love how babies have to communicate at this age. They cannot talk/know language yet..
I love how when we make eye contact ( all the time ) She seriously casts this spell over me and i can't look away.. but how you look at each other, face to face, baby softness in your arms, and she can just look at you, and you can see she just loves you to pieces, not that you are just a food and comfort source, but a serious bond.
Waking up to her is like... a piece of heaven right there
i love that we are so close, i love to hold her all the time, carry her to and fro my little buddy... like she never left the womb, but here she is on the outside, even closer to my heart. I love that she loves to be close to me.
I love who when she gets super happy, she gets all wriggly like a puppy, wiggly and squirming, big happy eyes, big happy smiley gummy mouth, cheeks that look as though they could pop, and squeally "ah's" bursting out in her : " I am soooo crazy happy to see you my mommy" mode.

i love her so much, she is so special, gentle, sweet, happy, snuggly, just amazing pippa, i wish everyone could meet her, and feel the love I have.
I know I'm her mom, and maybe the only person capable of feeling this, but I do wish we could all feel it, you all could feel it,I think this love I have, it's so powerful i swear it could cure illnesses... here's a dose of baby girly love, pooof your cancer is gone like..
I have so much more to say... but the words arent coming like they were before i fried up the laptop! boo!! and my eyelids wont stay up..
kdis are up in 7n hours, and i am mommy to four, plus a golden retriver, and nurse to a very in pain hubby...
gotta get my rest and off to snuggle with my pippa G, we have the bed all to ourselves! :)
thanks for reading, my heart is full and needed to spill over.... so I share.



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Sonia said...

Your Pippa is absolutely adorable! An angel! Loved the way you expressed your maternity feelings! Wish you all a life full of love and happiness!