Crowned Embellishments by Meg Fish!

Aint she just a beauty!!!
Oh I just love her to pieces.
So i tried to get her on her belly, but she woke up soon after..
she is four months old on tuesday.. so yes, wishful thinking on my part.
But I snagged a decent shot of her wearing her Crowned Embellishment by Meg Fish.
Isnt she quite the lit'L princess?
Yes I thought so too.
Quite right
Quite right!!
Meg Fish is my favorite Newborn/baby/maternity photographer, forever and ever. I was so excited when pregnant with Pippa, i literally in all my sleep deprivation thought i could save enough money to fly to Santa Barbara, Ca and have her photo sweet Pippa Genevieve...
well, a girl can dream. for now, i just visit her site daily, and "awwww..." and dream, and get insired.
Send her some love!

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