Okaaaaaaaayyyy.. sooo my coooompuuuuuuuuuter was soooo slow today, but for once, i was sooo very thankful for the raaaainn, and oh there was alot of it! I got so much done! But when the sun returns, you can bet your bottoms that the Gendron crew will be out rollin' in the grass racing and just embracing the wonderful stage of toddlerhood-mommyhood..

Here a a few shots from Kevin & Deanna Brown's wedding July 11, 2008..

Congrats you guys! I love you and am sooo very happy to have you in our lives! ANNND I CANT WAIT TILL YOU HAVE WITTLE "D'S" AND WITTLE "BROWNS" TO BLESS THIS WORLD!


Brandi Scott said...

She totally, 100%, without a doubt, should have hired you.... Or me, so you could have been working with me alllllll day!!!! That's all I'm going to say. :) B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L

Brandi Scott said...

Oh - and this was the same wedding dress that Michelle had. :)

Julie-Pho-Tog said...

aww thanks! But trust me, Ann marie Mcarthy knew alot more of what she was doing, i so would had flopped at drill sergeanting everybody around.. but i know i have all that in my head.. just getting the opportunes to do it!
cant wait to shoot with you and hopefully, you'll be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Jules! These pics are beautiful! I LOVE the ones of my flowers! And the one where you had me close my eyes was awesome. Great idea, woman! I'm so glad you were there for me chica! Love you!