Nicole & Gracie Lynn

I am going to have a really hard time choosing which ones to add to the
site when it goes up in a few weeks!
Maybe I'll just use all of them?

Oh what troopers they were!
It was humid hot and soo sunny.. it's summer right? I love summer, but being a mommy now you realize you have to peel your kids off of you, and its oh so uncomfortable when you have to lug a baby around on you as well, sometimes a cranky one too!
But Nicole & Grace were AMAZING! Gracie is the sweetest and smiliest baby, nothing bothers her and it was beautiful seeing the love she has for her mama!
I am so thankful we could spend some time together and even more so that I could get some shots of you guys and find a beautiful place that Nicole showed me in Ithaca. I had been by so many times, but never noticed, and especially can't wait to go back!

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