One month to go?

Secret's of a Supermommy? There are none. But to be a good mama, you have to bust some dance moves and have a dance party with your kids, let them eat cookies, say yes more, limitless hugs, and alot of understanding and allowance for alot of blunders...
Winter has been decent for us this year. Last year it went fast with the birth of Maive, this year not so much, but all in all it's been a blast. I have had more migraines, but thankfully i can predict them now, and after 8 long desperate years I found an amazing doctor back home who totally gets me and put me on imitrex... and when i pop the pill im back to living my life, dancing and being a mama and wife. I LOVE IT! I am so thankful! NO more puking, or laying in bed wishing my head would explode already,feeling guilty for having the wonderpets or Blues Clues on repeat! WOW. Anyways, I promised I'd blog more this winter, but i've been more busy during these winter months then ever. Isnt winter for curling up with a blankee and cocoa reading a book or magazine. Been designing my web site and hope it'll be done soon. It's late and while I could work on it and probably get it done, i should go to bed so i can function in the morning and be a nice mommy. Enjoy some recents of my little mugwumps! Arent the growing toooo fast! Unbelievable!

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Mary Marantz said...

these are so fuN! Love the little one all bundled up!