Tis the season.

For Julie to start blogging again.
From December through April I go into hibernation and take a break from blogging and other things.
I nap, I excersize, read lots of books, snuggle my babies and slooow waaay down like molasses.
Wait, make that honey! you know.
Well my friends it's April 2nd and I am baack! Have you missed me. Sorry I didnt warn you.
I'll give ya a full lowdown update on myself and the kids tomorrow.
I just want you all to know that I've dearly missed you through this grey cold wintry months, but I am so ready for this 2010 spring-summer-fall.
be blessed!
Mud factory madness on April 1st Aiva & Aidan's first day for their spring break!
Love it! Oh the sunshine!

Yes, i am certified awesome mom of the year for letting my kids do this. right?? RIIIGHTT???

Mommy's little Race car ya-ya. Yes she get's it from her mama. so serious behind the wheel! "nnneeeeeerooomm!"

<3 my life!