Tara Staton Workshop:: AUGUST 27-29th 2010 ITHACA, NY

Would you like the chance to win a free spot at the workshop,
or any of the other locations? You do? Well then, visit
the website and click on the link "WIN A SEAT"
and follow the super easy directions won't you??

SO yes, the fabulously talented, ultra sweet, cowboy boot wearing sweet heart from the West
will be visiting upstate New York, Ithaca to be precise
( be still my beating heart! )
:: I love Ithaca ::
Born and raised! And wouldn't you just loove to meet her, be blessed
by all her knowledge, hands on learning and encouragement??
Yes you would I knew it!!
So sign on up!
Do NOT wait! You may think it's a ways off and that you have enough time
to sign up but there is a limited number off attendees so do not hesitate!
Possible lodging:

The Grey Barn

The Brookton Hollow Farm

Yellow Barn B&B

Rogues Harbor Inn

Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport

Everything is so close in proximity.
If you have any questions please feel free to call me:
607 217 4413
or email: Julie.Gendron.Photo@gmail.com

-Julie Gendron { Jen-drin }


Amy Yvonne said...

Thank you for the info!!

Irreplaceable said...

Hi have come over from shabby blogs, your work is gorgeous. I have wanted to get into photography for a long time but never seem to find the time and feel like time is running away from me all of a sudden, I am truly in awe of your photos they truly capture something that I can only dream offxxx