i think that went over my head.. again..

I've been sleeping great and all..
but still finding that i feel as if me brain is hanging off my ear lobe.
Momnesia in it's fullest.
I'm having the most difficult time understanding people latley.
Not like there talking to fast, or with a stutter or lisp understanding, but like i guess, i dont know..
More like the words in their sentences are like scrambled somewhat, and while they continue on explaining themselves or the story I'm thinking wait a minute what? But I hate asking people to repeat themselves again.
Just take note to yourself, dont "hint to me" things, dont play the read between the lines, hope I catch your drift game. If you have something to say don't hold back, just say it, dont waste my time making things poetic either please?
Otherwise you'll hang up with me angry that I'm clueless and is she that "blonde"? And i'll find myself 3 months down the road in the shower all of a sudden thinking of that conversation and realizing what the true intention, or meaning it was you were trying to get across to me was and i was jsut listening to the words coming out of your mouth, not the real thing you were wanting to say. Communication, why is it so hard?
and why do some select peoples, have no problem doing so, but thrive on it so negativley..
That's all I have to say.
I'm feeling a bit hurt, but just wanted you all to know, those of you who read that is, to just be straight up with me, if theres something you want me to know, tell me.. okay... life's short.
in the meantime.. .... .... i need to make some new friends..

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