to be loved you have to give love.
if i love others they'll love me back
treat others how you would like to be treated..
well, the realism of my adult hood i've come to realize is as of
year ago or so, give love and they keep taking
loving others sucks you dry
treating people how you want to be treated just leaves you hanging.
I realize that in the Christian walk, we just give give give and love unconditionally and
we are not supposed to expect anything back..
but im selfish
and i feel bone dry
lonley, and full of regrets
and on the other hand i know its just maybe some baby blues a little late.
but all i can dream of, is me and Maive, on a desserted island, in our little toga thingys all cute,
sippin coconut milk and other pretty drinks with umbrellas and such.. and nobody else, just me and my shmooopie snuggling in a white hammock, sunlight and leaf shadows dancing over our faces.
I feel like she is the only thing in this world that makes me feel anything. I feel so loved by her
and i adore how we just connect, eye to eye, heart to heart, she's so tender and just nestles in to you. I dont want this time to end, ever.. i wish it'd go on and on... just me and her, and her tinyness.. babies grow to fast.
I'm tired I guess, weepy, nostaligic..
im selfish
and american...

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