3 am epiphanies and mostly love....

so i slept from 11 - 2:30, and i'm irritated at the question of why this week has insomnia once again entered my life, and on the nights that Maive sleeps pretty much the whole time, and then on the nights I'm out for the count she wakes up ever 3 hours?

But mostly i've been thinking of Aidan and all the things I do love about him, and the wish that others could see the same, and love him as much as I do in all my mother love, that love that "only a mother could give."

I love when we're driving down the road and we come to a hill and start declining down. Aidan throws those hands up in the air and says "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" very highly pitched I might add, and the view in the mirror makes me grin ear to ear.

I love how when Aiva leaves the room to go retrieve something, Aidan jumps up and runs over to here baby doll, readjusts the blanket to make her more comfortable and kisses her forehead and then runs back his former spot and resumes his tractors mission, all while not even acknowledging i'm in the room, like i'm gonna tell on him!

I love Aidan's snuggles, I love when he climbs up in my lap, when someone else isnt hoggin' it.... and he nestles his head under my chin and holds my hand, these moments become more infrequent as he gets older, but that's what makes them even more special.. boys are a ball of energy, and boys are a noise with dirt on them, AMEN!!

I love how crazy excited he gets when I sit down to read him; "GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!" or "I LOVE YOU THROUGH AND THROUGH". He's always loved those two books and the book with the three bears with them wondering who do you love most.. but since Maive has been born, reading time is all broken up, and our schedule of the former 2+ years is out the window for now. So now, when the time comes, he is even more completley elated. His eyes are big, he's got that overjoyed teethy Aidan grin, and he bounces up and down on his hiney in seated postition at his favortie points, and i loose my voice as I read it "again" ( yes he does say that ) haleighlujah! and i do the low "Groverish" silly manly voice for Big Nutbrown hair's voice.

Aiva and Aiva both laugh that same when I do that part, and it happens over and over..

it's sooo awesome!

Well, those are just a few things I wanted to share about him, and hopefully now i can go crawl in my cover once more and be blessed with some more sleep, i dont want to be a grumpy bear mommy in the morning, and morning is coming soon, and so is Maives next feeding! Love to all, and I hope your heart smiled!

~Julie Gendron

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