spontaneous combustion

so im currently editing a wedding, birthday, with 3 weddings on deck.
but, right now im adding some links that are my favorite to go to for inspirations! I love these slideshows, check'em.. its what i am aspiring to do!!! Love to all! muah!!!!! '-*
check back very soon for lots o' pix!
engagement session, preview of their flushmount album ( y it's so short )
wedding day
Carlie & Gabe's day after is sooo fun!

love love love these photos by j* ( again let me brag i get to meet her aug 25 eeeeeeeeee * spontaneous combustion* )
* the couple in the links started their own wedding photog business, here are the links:
But even better:
I soo value my frienship with "B" Brandi Scott of Photo-Finish-Photography, she is a friend, mama to a girl and boy same ages just about as mine. An entrepenuer, risk taker, christ follower, inspiration, very generous, and someone i truly have come to find that i enjoy laughing with, the ability to be transparent with each other and most importantly get to do what i love most, with someone else that equally loves what she does most. It's nice to have someone who shares a passion with you.. a passion for photography, love, being a mama, christ, life and developing relationships! Rock on! It's soo great to be me, and right now in this moment i am tickled to the top of me head to the tips of my toes to be so blessed! check her and leave her some love! and i forgot to mention, i get to second shoot weddings with her! Thanks for your generosity, patience, taking the time to teach, correct and embrace! Love you!

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