The Bennett's!!

Yet another overwhelmingly cute baby boy!
Oh boys!
Cool quote to share: Mother's of boys are awake son up, to son down!
This is Kate, Dave and baby Hunter!
A very kind, young family I am pleased to meet! When you look at them, you see their love, watch them interact with one another, you can see the many blessings
that are on the way for them in this life.
Kate and I are new friends and have enjoyed some mommy-convo's as of late. When we got back to their home she whipped out her cool camera ( faster & more $$ than mine ) and now I have another Mamma-razzi friend!
Rock on! Ok so check out these pics, you will turn to mush apon seeing the abundance of supreme cuteness, love and you may just want to get started on adding on to that family of yours!
Babies make your whole world a better place!


Jennifer Parke Photography said...

Quick question....how do you get the pictures side by side like that?

Anna Little Photography said...

I wish we had those kind of settings here in California, very nice!