The Ehret Family!!

Boys Boys Boys!!
Ok so even though Maive was born this year January. This has been the year of boys! An abundance of BEE-AAHH-UUUU-TeeeFUL baby boys!
This is the Ehret family featuring: Kaley, Wes, Griffin and drum roll please?....
How cool is that name! Baby L!
He is beyond adorable, it was all I could do to not freak Kaley out and just pick him and and hold him close and smell his yummy newness. On the way home I was thinking it would be nice to have another boy
< semi-contented sigh >
and preceded to think of the two names I like.. saying them outloud making sure they sounds as good as they do in my head.
oh babies. I do love them, gosh if i could, I'd make it a career---ok the marbles thing.. yeah they're rollin' 'round her somewhere!
Ok to the point, you want to see some lovley family pics of them dont you?
i thought so!
One more thing! I sooooo appreciated processing these pics. I think mostley because of the love, the love you can see they hold for each other, and well.. because Griffin is a fun kid! AND HAPPY, and just full of adventure! Enjoy the mommy baby moments ... oh its so good to be a mama. If you are one enjoy, reminisque, look forward to adding on to that family, if you havent had any yet be inspired and dream of the days to come!
What this world needs more of, is lovey squeeshy cheeked babys to love and cuddle, and make us mom's sleep deprived so we can share and journal funny stories! THIS IS THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES!
Thank you guys for having a small adventure with me, hopefully as these curious boys keep growing we can go on more of them!
Thankfully yours,

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