The Keep Family!

Melissa called me up as she had seen her friend and work Jennie's pics and I was delighted once again to run up to the Cortland area ( home ) and take some pics of her family!
We had fun, her daughter and son were very abundant in the energy department! I love her son's freckles and daughter beautiful eyes! We rolled in the grass, raced around in power wheels hummers, there was lacrosse action going on and I met the dog as well!
This is such a cool job because you also make friends in the process! Missy went on to tell me after our session over the phone of how her husband and her are such a wonderful team. What great father her husband is; "If it's possible he is great father but an even better husband. " And his kids are his life. "Sometimes I feel like its too good to be true." Is what she said. I love it because there have been alot of those moments for me too! They've been married 8 years, have a be-A-utiful home in the country, friendly goofey doggie and two adorable fall in love with over and over again little mugwumps! I hope I get invited back again to play, and take some more pics in the process! Thanks so much guys!

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Joan Solitario said...

Beautiful photos! The backgrounds are awesome! I wish we had fall leaves in Southern California!