Dare I say.

The day has come.
I've been waiting for almost 10 years for the "right time".
For the first time as I pray and the good Lord leads, I finally know that it's the right time.
It seems silly too, for so long i've had this desire/dream, spent so many nights up with my mind racing with creativity ideas, aspirations. I know photography is not, rebuilding broken homes{in more ways than one}, feeding the poor, or leading someone to the Lord.
So I've always felt silly when someone tells me that the Lord places those in our heart,
perhaps he did, perhaps my photographey could help rebuild, feed and lead!
It doesnt seem like now would be, but the photography dream.love.passion has finally taken off, like a bunch of horses gone crazy and I am the desperate stage coach trying to regain control and speed but laughing all the way.
I never thought I'd book eight weddings in three weeks all based on one wedding my first wedding I shot on August 1, 2009.
I am a tad on the overwhelmed side.
Need to get this thing called a tax ID, DBA...
all this stuff that I dont know about and is going a little over my head.
Can't I just take priddy pictures?
It'll all fall into place though, I know.
I am going to work hard, possibly pick up a night job?
But, the husband is convicted that it would be for the wrong reasons, so we'll see.
I need to buy a pro camera. My Rebel has been oh so great for me, all this practicing.. its been through alot..
then after that comes a new computer.. this one is almost four years old
and really old, slow.
I am convinced that using Corel Paint Shop Pro will be good enough to get me through
along with Adobe Lightroom { love it! }
but I'll have to take the plunge and buy Photoshop too, and learn that too...
I mean, every successful photog out there has it right?
But for now, I'm taking pictures the next few months for a couple of weddings, and beaming...
I am happy.
No happier than I was when I got saved, got married, had three children when none were possible.
But this is just a new page, and a new happy.


~City Love... now, forever, always~ said...

I have full faith in you, Julie!! You are amazingly talented and you *can* do it!!! I am sooo excited for you!!! You GO GIRL!!!

A few of photography blogs that I follow... I know most of them use the Canon 50D??

kheaney said...

That is great to hear. Your photography is wonderful.

Here are some helpful items for setting up your business...

To set up a federal tax ID number call the IRS Business and Specialty Tax Hotline at 800-829-4933. When I called they gave me the number over the phone.

Also check out www.legalzoom.com about the DBA. I used them when I created my LLC. They are a bit on the expensive side but probably have some good info on their site to get you in the right direction.

Hope this helps! Kristin

Laci said...

Go Julie!!! You are an inspiration to all of us and a reminder to follow our dreams. I was VERY glad to see a new post...I've missed you!

Annie Jane Photography said...

I have a copy of Photoshop CS2 if you want to buy it.....I have a MAC now so I don't need it.

Jewel said...

So stoked for you that you got so many upcoming jobs!! God is so good!! Weddings are like the ultimate... you are such an amazing photographer... the pictures will be awesome!! YOU GO GIRL!! :)

Sarah said...

What a pretty blog you have! Such pretty bright pictures :)