Peeling the banana.

Dang.. I have sooo very much to learn..
about myself
my husband..
so much more..
i never finished high school { gasp }
.. I know...
that was big for me to confess that..
moving on
SO today was muggy, like peeling kids off of me much as you peel a banana,
continually all day.
We had fun though, running through this home in our skivvies.
I wore out the kids from 8-10am, gave them snack and burnt 900 calories in one spinning session on this bike.
then i stretched.. lifted and stretched some more.. I think that totals up to 1,000!
Went to visit shawn for lunch, played and enjoyed the AC.
Came home and spent the afternoon relaxed and peaceful, yet..
I've been stressed..
Aiva turns 5 September seventh. Gotta plan something.
She also starts school..
Aidan will be going back for his preschool/speech in the mornings.
I have to get my teeth cleaned, and I am sure a few fillings.
I lost my glasses 14 months ago, gotta get new glasses.
This is all in avoidance to what is truly stressing me, but for now, i butterfly around, floating here and there with the dailies
avoiding the stressor until it will lay it self before me and i summersault trip over it!
no worries.
enjoy some creativity I pursued this afternoon while rehydrating and enjoying some quiet time, before the storm! 'o)
I am not sure if I like these or not.. I do and dont, i'll stop looking at them
trying to find something I dont like and you can let me know.. thinking about future stuff.
Much love to you and yours!
Sleep well, and wake up tomorrow morning ready to
-rocking the baby, rocking yourself out im the kitchen, or just rocking the day in success!
live it!



shannon said...

just dropping by! that first picture is BEAUTIFUL! makes me wish the mr. and i had an actual "wedding" rather than the old JP. a vow renewal may be in our future...

Val Hunter said...

I absolutely love the first one! You are very talented! Good luck figuring out your future and what's been bothering you! I hate decision making as well! I have a lot of business ideas on my plate right now and pursuing them just sounds like too much work. Sometimes I just wanna stick with my part time low wage job because someone else is the boss and I don't have to be solely responsible ya know?! I can see that you have a lovely photography business in your future if that's what you want!
Take care,

Tracy said...