2011 ( or really, and I miss summer post.

Contemplating the Life of a Photographer Mom.
.. there's going to be an eclipse tonight around 1:33am I heard.
hmm.. wonderin' if for the 3rd night in a row if I'll be awake and see it?
probably NOT.
started a business, maintaining-keepin' it going?
more pink.
going back to church.
loosing baby weight once she's here.
tummy tucks?
longer days.
these are the things that really repeat through my head, or i deal with all the time.
what do you think 2011 will bring you.
I have no clue what is in store for me, well, a little bit i do.
Baby girl, more family time, more dancing, more family picnics, sunshiny days, gardens,more country, more deep breaths more love and the word NURTURE.
One word for 2011. NURTURE.
The end.


Suzan Mayumi Turner said...

Just found your blog through shabby blogs and I got to say it is adorable!!!! Lovely images!

vickdn said...

The red hair is gorgeous! Such cuties!