to be a girl.
it's awesome, we are allowed to love pretty things. to feel pretty.
we love sparkly things, we love magic, twinklies, we love fairies, we're tendered hearted, we're complicated, but the good lord made us with so much mystery, so much love so much to offer.
the UPS guy brought me the gift I bought Aiv's this year.
I really wanted to get her something special this year, one gift that isnt practical silly or will get thrown in the toy bin.
So i found this at ThingsRemembered.com
It's sooooo her.
I had to open it as fast as I could to check it out as her bus was 10 mins away!
OH gosh i was brought back to being a little girl again..
The magic music box twinkley music, the girls spins around in a circle inside the globe ( i totally forgot to shake up the snow/glitter for photographic purposes ) in my hurriedness.

but oh my.. i love it! i cant wait to see what her reaction is when she opens it christmas morning!
and it's large.
it's the largest water globe i've ever held in my life.
and i personalized it.

and it was on sale for $25.00!
hee hee.. that is all, i had to share, you know me, little miss sharey pants.


Julie said...

ONLY Dilemma, Maive wants one now! :)

Caity said...

It really is so cool! I bet she will so love it. I kind of want one for myself :)

Merry Christmas to you too!