So I've been pretty excited to be able to finally get back together with old friends.
They are the best!
I am so happy Shawn wants to go back up to be with the Spencers, Freshwaters, Fluger and Underwood families.
I love being able to drive and to go down the roads I know so well!
And the company of great friends. I've missed so much!
These people are soo true, caring and genuine and truly Christ like.
They're those people in which the bible states that when they meet God he will tell them
"Well done, good and faithful servant."
They are the people that when for some odd reason they've seemingly fell off the face of the planet, I believe that will mean the rapture has occurred.
I've always wanted to be more like the Spencer girls. They are so pure and genuine. They are soft spoken and sweet and its all natural for them. It's just who they are, with no effort.
They know all there is to cooking, baking and sewing. When we were younger we used to get lost on the "land" and just appreciate nature so much. In the winter time we'd collect maple syrup. All bundled up scarves and all, smiling at each other with red cheeks and squinty eyes. The huge maple tree that looks like something out of Lord of the Rings and the swings from the branches. The view from Spencer's mountain, the gatherings, the fall with cider and hot cocoa, doughnuts and such.
Gail has always addressed me as her daughter explaining that they adopted me.
Elizabeth, Sharon and Laura have always called me their sister.
The hugs they give have this amazing ability. They are real hugs
So warm and just loving, when you leave for the day you carry back to Binghamton with you this abundant feeling, this filled up, cupeth overflow feeling. That you are just so loved, and I know this love comes from Jesus.. through them.. I think I've seen Christ in their eyes, and actions.

I've missed it all, but if things go right, my kids will now be able to enjoy it with me!
I've known the spencer girls for 11 years and my fondest memories are because I was able to hold on to some of my childhood in knowing them. I they held on to purity and innocense for so long. When we got together we were playing in the snow outside like little kids, inside games by the stove and talking about silly things, playing dress up, curling hair....
I'm so glad they are all back in our lives and I'm so relieved, excited and such to know that my own children will be able to grow up knowing people who carry themselves with great integrity, with holyness and wholey and completley live their lives according to God. They walk in Jesus and Jesus is their whole heart. I am so thankful they at this young age I could meet such special people who are hard to come by! I am a lucky girl, my family is blessed by thier friendships.

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