Tight like a tigah!

ah excersize

new decision

ok so instead of finding a set time of 20-40 mins a day of just doing some strechtching, cardio, lifting and such, i've decided to do some "excersizing" during the course of the day, through the daily mundane activities.

Dishes, not just dishes, but doing that excersize where you bring you heel up to your buttock.

i think it makes the butt firm and hamstrings toned, but im not sure, im just winging it really.

I dont count, i started to but soon realized counting 25 left, 25 right and such, well it didnt work, because my house holds alot of noise right now, and even if it wasnt so noisey, i have a very short attention span and numbers and i dont mix well, 13..14.. i hear a bird.. 17... why wont this tato peice come off the pot.. 20.. wait.. where was i? and another reason why i've decided to not count besides that i cant? well, it gives you the excuse well i did 20 reps of this or that, and yadda yadda, so .. "I'm good" NOPE my way now is doing it until it hurts and that muscle pretty much wont move for you. then later many hours later when its better, doing some more until the same result occurs... NO PAIN NO GAIN.. im taking that to heart! Tomorrow, i will be pretty immobile, hurting and such, but I wont complain because to me the pain and aches means
#1 it's working and
#2 convincing yourself that the pain you feel, is fat, chubb and such melting away... yes.. envision this.. or if its not fat you want away in that area, tell yourself it's that muscle growing right there! picture it too!
Sometimes this is all mental!

I've decided not to picture myself looking like Marisa Miller anymore. BUT to just appreciate my body my parents and god gave to me, and make it as healthy as it can be. healthy equals toned muscles, stamina, less fatique, regularity, healthy heart, and a happy mommy and maybe once again a more frisky wife! Grrrrrrrraaawr!

- oh lets not go there-

and i mean yea, Marisa to me might be the prettiest woman, have the most gorgeous body on the face of the planet to me, but she is a person, and she is just like us with periods, days where she's sick, and all that she is just like us, a person, and as a person not jsut a model and celebrity, how happy can her body make her? its truly what you feed your soul, it's what inside, when nobody else is around, or when everbody else is around, its who you are as aperson, what you hear in your inner dialogue day to day, not the size of your ta-tas or how much you weigh.
It's your smile, confidence, and spirit that are beautiful.

But also going back to the healthy body thing.. it helps when your fit to smile and be confident when you feel good about yourself, and have natural energy and arent forcing it.

Picture your body sexy and go to it! It'll happen! Stop sitting there thinking about it, stop procastinanting get up and do something about it.

Make your kids laugh while excersizing, make it silly and spontaneous. and do you want your kids to someday be sitting in front of a tube, or internet all the time, or to be fit and eating healthy, happy and energetic, well then show them the example!

Make yourself earn the things you like to do,

for me its blogging, reading, or editing photos

so before i plop down to do so, ill excersize and work a sweat,

then while im doing the stuff i like to do its like multi-tasking.
I'm waiting for my heart rate to calm, the sweat to dry and resting my body, to do what's next

like cooking dinner, or combatting the crazy toddlers up from nap.

Just before i sat to write all this i did a bunch of jumpsquats, im guessing 30, but i just did them until really my knees started buckling and my legs were tingling.


well, its raining and baby will be up soon, gotta go fold some laundry, so while i fold towels at the kitchen table, ill do some squats, and soon, yes i will have a yummy hiney.. mmmmm scrumptious!! not.... that ... i'd eat it.. but, well... next on my list: improve vocabulary!



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