Where my instruction manual meets- Man, they grow up soooo fast!

I am so there too!

I mean with Maive it's easy, been there done that, its my third time of course, but also that she's an easy baby! It's awesome!
But yeah, Aiva is at the Why-why-why phase? But also, she is just so much bigger to me now that Maive is here. Aidan too. The kid seems like a tank now! Oh and talk about instruction? Anybody want to give me some tips on potty training boys? I am clueless on how to begin this.. I am embarrassed to say this is not something I am looking forward too! ;o) "Like whoa! Getta hold of that thing.."

It's only been 9 weeks since little Maive blessed our lives, but she too, is growing, she's long, and those kissable cheeks you just love to musch your lips against, OH i swear everyday just keep getting more mushier.. and I love it!

And all those coos, ahhhhs, and I swear she tries so hard to say hi.

Aiva is already learning to read, I cherish this time so much to spend with her. Its fun to teach her and watch her little "wheels spinning", her memory is amazing as well, the things she'll bring up in conversation, such as yesterday shawn and I exchanging astonished looks while driving in the van as Aiva is recalling something from probably 18 months ago or so!

So I go from sitting down with Aiva explaining something patiently ( or desperatly trying to ) to her 3 year old brain, to later sitting in blissful silence with maive in my arms adoring her sweet babyness and remembering Aiva as a baby in my arms. It seems like life fastforwarded somewhere!

Indeed they grow up so fast, its a continual learning experience, I'm glad will contuine to be, because children have so much to teach you, about yourself, life, time and what is truly important in life.

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