Your dose of birth control!

Last week Maive got her 2 month dose of 4 shots in less than 30 seconds, and unlike Aiva and Aidan she has had quite the "reaction" from them.
She’s still my sweet smiley angel just dealing with some bodily issues..
so this morning i awake with shawn to begin the 5:30am... and as I get coffee started i hear the beginning of a seemingly never ending cry.. poor Maive, the most amazingly manly loud noises began to come from her wee baby butt, and with each release of explosive baby gas, she shreaked in pain, which for a mom, who really cant comfort her in any way but to let it pass, is exasperating..
this went on for about an hour, she is finally through that bout of rear end issues and is now sleeping peacefully after 3 hours in her bassinet...
Aiva had come down during the course of all this and thankfully distracted our nuclear reactor of energy called "Tana" ( Montana ) the border collie from jumping on me and following me around as I pace the house with Maive in my arms.. Aiva has her first cold of the season. Thankfully its nothing big, no fever, no complaining, just swollen eyes and a raspy voice, otherwise she’s normal, coloring, dancing and playing, just a tad clumsy.
So I get Maive down check on Aidan who is still fast asleep, trusty grubby puppy in arms and jump in for a nice warm shower to get refreshed and hopefully "restart" this day. Well, the water was not nice. It wasnt cold, it wasnt hot, it was warm but not warm enough, I had goosebumps all over. Again i came to find that Shawn had turned the temp down on the water heater. I got dressed and huddled next to the stove for a minute remembering I need to pump Maive some boob milk. I get started and then hear aidan finally awake, upstairs, i call up to him "Mommie’s got five more minutes i’ll be up soon!"

I finished up and ran up the stairs to retrieve my red head, only to find his poopy filled diaper on the floor, and him sitting in his crib head down afraid to look up, poop all over his big red elmo and all over his legs, socks, butt, back and crib sheet..
I lifted him out careful to hold him out from me and under his armpits as to not get any poopy on me, i mean come on! I actually showered this morning!! and raced him downstairs to the bathroom to wipe him down and get him in the tub and start the washer. Meanwhile in passing Tana is runnin up stairs to which she knows she’s not allowed!
I got Aidan cleaned and in the tub, ran up and got all the feced covered stuff only to find the dog nosing around with the diaper, and then I lost it, I went to the second story kids bedroom window and started pulling it down turned to retrieve the dog only to stop myself in knowing i couldnt throw her out, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. ( Yesterday she snapped her collar got loose, then ripped holes all around our screened in back porch ) I was not happy and neither was Shawn, she pretty much is a great dog and listens but we think she’s making us pay for leaving her in the kennell all day Easter Sunday and then all that night.
So yes, this is how my morning has started.
Time for some breakfast and focused breathing.. and a few more washings of that one load! Thank God for washing machines and dryers, bathtubs, and the internet to vent on.
If you are thinking of having kids, or have kids and want more, I hope this gives you some insight!


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