For where two or three are together in my name, there I am with them. * Matthew 18:20*

Okay, so yesterday was pretty fun.
Until when we got home and little Maive woke up in severe pain.
Her wee little baby thighs were red and swollen from the two shots she received in each one.
Oh for 2.5 hours i held on to her, being careful not to press, touch or even graze those sore legs.
She would fall asleep in my arms only to wake up 3 mins later and straighten, arch, and scream until she couldn't breath in pain. It made me so confused with anger and hurt inside. Feeling like a horrible mom for letting someone hurt this little angel who otherwise would be smiling, oooing and ahhing at us, and being a snuggle bug. Now has the biggest tears I've ever seen, red eyes, red face and a body literally ( Shawn used the word convulsing) in my arms.
Those 2.5 hours were the longest I swear! I'd rather have 4 migraines than have her go through that again!
Shawn came in the back room to check on us, to find me in the fetal position, both arms wrapped around her, under her neck and supporting her head along the arm of the couch, and her body and legs kind of stretched across my trunk and hip. He crouched over us and put his head against mine and we started praying for Maive. I immediately thought of Theresa's comment from a blog a few days ago about how when two or more in prayer together God is with them, and when I opened my eyes Maivey was asleep. Sweet little blond eyelashes closed and her face a little less pink. She was out. I immediately remembered to thank god for answered prayers and for taking her pain away. I held her another 15 minutes repetitively trying to remember not to think " is she gonna wake up?" i bet she wakes up in a minute" instead of just not questioning and believing that no, we prayed and god answered. AND HE DID, she slept form 6:30 pm until 1ish.
I woke up and came downstairs in silence and got a drink and checked on her, and there she was bright eyed, just laying there.
So i cuddled her and spoke to her, and gave her a bottle, brought her out to keep me company as i pumped her some more milk. And she was my sweetpea again. Ooooing and ahhing and giving me that beautiful, fill your heart, reassuring big gummy grins! She's so beautiful whe
n she smiles, her mouth and her eyes smile at the same time. It makes my heart giggle inside, and little fuzzy smileeez race within! I am so relieved and thankful.
During dinner, finally at 7:45,I told Shawn that I thought it was so cool how Maive just stopped kicking and arching and screaming right as we prayed together, and with a full mouth, he replied "God, doesn't want his babies to be hurt." he said it so affirming and confident and honestly really cute, with pizza in his mouth. I adored it! You'd had to hear it for yourself!
Thanks for reading!

And as my huggable awesome friend Justin closes his blogs
-Hug a baby!

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