Kitchen Love part 1. or..

the winter blahs..
so I'm blogging about my concern for myself.
You see it takes me about an hour to make breakfast on saturday & sundays.
I really like to make breakfast for my family, and they love it too, but I wonder if it takes me an hour, is that way to long?
Usually I make my hubby's fave which is like an egg sandwich:
-Buttered toasted Thomas's English muffins + slightly runny sunny side up egg with pepper + his fave cheese slices + bacon.
-pancakes and fried potatoes
-and sometimes scrambled eggs
-OJ and coffee..
i just realized we usually skip lunch on the weekend. wonder why?

The kids are really great and manage to color, get along and have fun at the kitchen table until everything is ready!!

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So not only does it take me forever to make the breakfast, the aftermath takes just about twice as long.
Got any suggestion??

and yes sometimes I have help! :)

Aww, did you gag?
Also, Do you THINK we have enough silverware, and yet we're always running out of bowls! haha!!


Caity said...

I don't know, it looks like you've got it pretty under control. Maybe you can give me tips!

Desi said...

Yeah I always have that problem... it takes forever to make a full breakfast! Looks like you do it very well, in a pretty timely manner, and everything looks so yummy! How do you make your breakfast potatoes?