Kitchen Love part 2.

Today I am cleaning like a mad woman.. and it's soo sunny in the the house.. love it
but taking a break because well.. i feel like i have a charlie horse ( dunno if that's right or i've ever had one ) but yeah, my preggie belly feels like it's on fire.
so i'm in the kitchen and i have to get rid of my abundant amount of
Country Living
Better Homes and Gardens
Martha Stewart and such magazines!
so i have this yellow thingy and i'm ripping out some inspirational articles and pictures, mostly have to do with kitchens and gardening!
Ug, and well, Aiva draws sooo many pictures for us. i just dont know what to do with them anymore! we have soooooo many!

I love the second photo, i think that would be an awesome kitchen island, and you could store some stools in the little middle gap!

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