{Roll your "R" please} Romantic.

What is romance.
My kind or romance?

Not this:

( oh so pretty )
or this
( although dreamy )
or this...

Nope, it's when my husband notices me sitting on the couch half way through a Yoplait commercial with a bucket of drool in my lap. and the very next day brings home the cause. Yep, THAT right there is love folks. :)


carmen said...

Gotta love it! xoxo You look adorable pregnant - very pretty lady! I love the latest photos that you posted of the cute little family - always love "blog stalking" you!

Keriann said...

Amen!! That just made me a little teary eyed...that really is what true love is about. Noticing the silly stuff about each. Always thinkin about the other person and how you can make them feel special that day! That's what makes a marriage get to a 50th anniversary party!