pointless pregnancy insomnia post.

i really like pretty things.
Really really.
I like white
pale yellow
I never used to.
Grew up around my dad, best friends were boys, and I just didnt allow myself to be girly.
At all.
Now at 27, I am. So am. I love easter with all the pastels and springyness..
i love that I have girly girls. Mostly the 6 year old.
and when i can't sleep, i like to look at stuff like these: Note: not my photography.. but it gets my mind all peaceful like, and thinking on heavenly thingys..

These next three images I got off : http://www.sweetasacandy.com
but I KNOW that the blogger there got these images from Jessica Claire site, i remember seeing it, it was the set up before a workshop she did. http://www.jessicaclaire.net/index.cfm

I have a file folder on my desktop titled "Pretties" so when i come across something I save it to there... i have so much more in there. but i thought i'd share. "just.. a few.." haha! :P

i must have thing for hot air balloons ( vintage )

pink and cream.. the only make up if i do wear any. that i wear.. color scheme i mean..

I must have this for Pippa!!

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