Waving goodbye to Winter!

I've been loving life latley. It's easier you know? Knowing that Spring is right around the corner! This winter has felt soo long! Aiva and I have been coloring alot of colorful pictures featuring rain and rainbows, sunshine & flowers. Aidan has been jumping in puddles & he totally digs the way the ground smushes under his feet. The earth is so soggy right now, and he is loving this! Maive started walking about 10 days ago, and wont stop now! She's a pro! Aidan woke me up this morning and it was nice to not have to run out the door @ 8:30 to school. I woke up to his face beside mine on my pillow, his beautiful teeth and smile, long eyelashes and squinted green eyes.. i froggily said: " Mornin' Aidan.." and his reply was to wedge his little fingers under my neck and say "Teeeekle,Teeeekle.. MOM-MOM!" It was a nice way to take up! Silly boy! And by the way, for a 3 year old who is constantly smothered by his 4 year old sister & having a 14 month old sister who doesnt relent off of him, seemingly always pestering him. I think he does awesome, i treats them so well, and there is hardley any reason to ever get after him, most of the time if he hits, one of the girls swiped at him first, or is doing something to him he doesnt like. Maive, She loves to be close to him. They seem to really like the same things! Aiva though, Aiva knows all the secrets to Maive's heart of laughter!
Here are some images taken from the past few days, sorry they're arent alot of Aiv's, she was either by my side, or coloring at her desk. I will remedy this lack of the petite artiste's missing appearance in this blog! Promise!

Maive kept walking around this patch of sun on the floor and i realized she was trying to catch the sun in her hands, or dust particles?

Forgive the scattered laundry- it's clean and had been folded until the kids thought it would be fun to grab the piles and make a fireworks display of them all around, laundry parade, and its ok, i loved watching it!
Aidan adores being outside! He's totally like FREEEEEEEEEEEE! GO BUDDY!

Tiny tickles in early morning hours

Yes i gots my hairs cut, courtesy of Kristin Wilcox, the hair guru!!

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