Monday's cute moments!

Today, Maive was just glued to Aidan, and Aidan was glued to muah. Aiva was content being nearby, practicing reading, and drawing with her new colored pencils, and making up songs..
So my two little red heads are like inseperable, sort of. I was sitting on the floor, and aidan was leaning on my knee. We were finishing up or picnic in the living room and watching Toot & Puddle. Maive just kept toddlin' around us, everyonce and while coming up to me and pointing to my nose or cheek "waz zat?"
Everything is " waz zat " and even after you tell her what it is she is pointing too, she ask's it over and over again.. its funny, but yea
Aidan was leaning on me, and I kept watching Maive. circling around just looking at her big brother, like she was in awe of him. I tried placing myself in her shoes and looking through her eyes, and i kind of got a glimpse of what my little britches see's when she looks at her bro.. its weird to then look at aidan, my little boy, and see him dual, big brother ( big to maive, older ) and my little 3 yr old. It was a cool moment. Aidan by the way is getting FRECKLES! Out of know where, and its soo cool! He is growing tall, and i miss his smushy cheeks already, i love to kiss them still.
Another moment, well, moments from the past few days.. Aidan, out of know where will come up to me, grab my face between his little hands and lay one on me! It rocks my world, my heart melts, and i just feel so loved! what a true love! He even does the whole.. " mmmmmmmmmwwwaaaaaaaaaaaah!" and giggles. He's been singing songs too! oh he's talking so much now, some of it is still Aidan talk, me lost in translation, but he is making so much iniative to be understood, and to learn and correct himself. Another moment was tonight, i was walking around their room while Shawn put a new bulb in the nightlight. I looked at Aidan who was patiently awaiting my return glance. His face was directed away from me, but his eyes locked on mine.. and this smirk! it was wild. I did the same i turned my face, smiled and kept my eyes locked on his, and then we both laughed.. the crazy kid. God uses him to just keep melting this old heart of mine. Those are some recent moments, minus photos. sorry no photos. Live and love your life!

OK so i can't leave this post totally pictureless.. here you go:


warm fuzzies,
julie --> Shawn said no on my Juliette idea... darn it! 'oP

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Megan said...

Oh my! First of all, thank you for your comment on my blog! That was incredibly sweet. :) And second- you are an AMAZING photographer. Holy talent! I could stare at these photos forever---especially with your good music in the background. I love your writing too. I am SO following you. :)