freckle time, freckle time freck-freck-freckle time, freeeeckle tiiiiime!

I am one zonked mama.. i didnt get a chance to excersize today, eat breakfast or have coffee. I did drink lots of h2o and Shawn made fish tonight for dinner.. and he brought me home two lemons, how i love lemons.. the smell.. the color.. he loves me!
Here are some dandy little diddys from this sunday. The Gendron Five had a blast playing outside in the sun, getting muddy and exploring, just running with not as much boundaries! I got some freckles too, anything to take away from my huge nose, thank you dad for giving me your nose and ears..
enjoy, be blessed & be delightful!

Dear God, help me appreciate every season of mothering with new eyes that see life from the fresh perspective of my child. AMEN.

Yes I totally know Aidan needs a hair cut... i will.. soon.. but I do love his crazy hair.. think Gene Wilder!

goodbye snow peeples.. thanks for making us smile in the winter months as we peered out the windows to wave at you! See you next year!

And my little "rebel w/o a cause" has finally started eating w/utencils! I know I know, waaay to long overdue! but everything has to be on "his time"- I have up on Thanksgiving. Saturday night I came out from the backroom and there he was, he at with his fork the whole time! rock on little buddy! I praised him soo much, he was diggin' it. Then sunday morning.. Aiva never finishes her milk.. so he crossed the table, grabbed a large spoon and had at it! "slurrp sluurp!" what a relief!
He's talking soo much you guys! its awesome, and today i did some math, and I estimate he says mom about 470 times a day! no joke! yikes!

Maivey is hard to photograph, she's always bouncing! Notice Aiv's? future shutterbug?

Aiva adores dance! and the girls she dances with are soo sweet and gentle! it's a blast!


My Front Porch said...

julie--your children are BEAUTIFUL! thanks for sharing. =)

julie g said...

aww, thanks for reading, yours are gorgeous, I mean HANDSOME! AS WELL!
thanks for the love! Happy ( early ) Spring! 'oD