{ Aint she a peach?}

Today's Quotes are brought to you by: THE ONE & ONLY AIVA SOPHIA!

She came stomping in the room, lips smushed together like a fish, eyebrows down.. think the Brain from Pinky and the brain...

and proceeded to tell: " Daaaaaaaad, Moooooooom... Aidan just ruined my MESS! " "Hmmph!"
(hands folding across her chest!)
then about an hour later as Shawn and I were finishing up the bills here in the office, she came back in, exasperated by how long it was taking us, she was getting quite impatient and wanted us to play with her.
"Daddy, I just came in to let you know that you are almost dumb, alright?!?"
translation: I hope your done, i'm sick of waiting!

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