Also, what you read here has really let me know about who i am, what i want to be about, and ideas for branding/logo/design... FEEDBACK WELCOME! ;0D

Last night, I could not get my brain to stop thinking, it was like if your brain could smile inside your head, that's what it felt like, and with each idea and dream that came forth my heart was just being filled, I think it's a God thing I REEEALLY DO!
Saturday June 12th & Sunday June 13th I will be holding a thing ( not named yet ) where from 1pm -4pm I will have alotted 30 minute sessions for families. I have to scout out this area's parks to see what would be best. I need to start making some flyers or cards to hand out at church, and maybe our local christian book store. I want families to be nominated by someone else. or they can nominate themselves! Did you know there are still families in the area living in FEMA trailers from the june & nov. 2006 flooding? and so many families with both mom and dad out of jobs? So many tradegies as well this year, so I want to do this, and if there is perhaps an overwhelming response, Ill set up Another one in the beginning of August & Again for October ( aaaauttummn ) said in operatic tone!
The families I shoot on the weekend in june will meet me again at the same park ok Sunday July 13th and I will present them with prints and hopefully more gifts.
I just need help in thinking of ways to earn the money to get prints, some frames, maybe some other neat photo gifts. So, I convinced my husband to let me use some of the money we get when we finally have a garage sale. Been married six years and accumulate alot of "SHtuff" through three children. Also, how else do you think i could raise money, bake sale maybe?? Have people donate??? I dont know this part.. yikes.. help is appreciated!
Also I'm going to start collecting a box full of things like, pinwheels, bubbles, magnifying glasses, stuff that might attract the attention of small children who may be shy, rebellious or bored?? It must be freaky for some kids to have a strange girl with a big black contraption hiding her face, or stuck to her face following them around taking pics, so i thought these things could help distract them from me and make for some fun pictures, also i thought of getting bunches of balloons and maybe some butterflies for releasing.
My best friend suprised me at our wedding with this, and It was so wonderful. again more priceless pictures for the families. Let me know what you think about this idea. I love the truth, i shared this idea with some friends in the area, i think its the giving part of it, and the money part that threw them for a loop, and that's ok. But i"ve had this on my mind for quite some time, I try to forget it, and it just returns keeping me awake.
I appreciate your time in reading this! and any ideas or help with this is soo appreciated!

Dont give up trying to do what you really want to do. where there is love & inspiration, I dont think you can go wrong. ~ ella fitzgerald


Mary Marantz said...

that's AWESOME!! I love the idea!! I definitely think donations are a good idea...and heck if you do a bake sale, I might just come there myself!! :)

Sarah Bray said...

Hey This is a great thing you are doing...so i have a couple ideas...Im not sure what you think but here goes..so my nieces did a fundraiser at apple bees...they (Apple Bees) do it on sundays in the AM , they provide everything, except you will need a "staff" servers dishwashers & hostesses. Applbees does the cooking..the tickets for ppl to attend are $5 for 2 pancakes,mean and drinks. apple Bees keeps a dollar from every ticket and you get $4...if you consider it you can earn a bit in just one day w advertising and a good group of friends..
I would donate my time and buy some tickes if you wanted to do something like this,I can get you the contact information if you would like. Another good way is a bottle drive...even at your yard sale you can advertise bring a certin amount of bottles and win a prize...idk those are a few ideas I have ...Good Luck with this...and way to go for a great Idea! Please let me know if you need a hand I am willing to pitch in as much as possable.

Dane Sanders said...

So stoked on your courage to lead out.