Spring, have you come early? You silly little season..

.. if so thank you thank you thank you!
Thank you for the birds now filling the air with beautiful calls.
Outside beckoning our souls to reach up stretch and begin again.
Thank you for all the new life you bring. For golden sunshine,
sweet smelling air, beautiful rainy days of grey fog and lush irish green.
Spring how I love thee! I'm glad you're here to stay! Thank you for tickling my heart.
Side note: I am suuuuuper overtired, and just got the baby back to sleep, she woke up from a bad dream or something. When I'm really tired, I cant think clearly but my fragmented thoughts are a bit sort of poetic.. Surely tomorrow I will be mortified that I clicked on Publish Post.
Smile dearys!
Juliette <---- no it's not my name, but my name is in it, and wouldnt it be so romantic and unique if it was??

Aiva made a new friend. She found her little buddy all by itself. We told little yellow to please bring some more of her friends and promised to not pick any of them, or stomp them.

Aiva DID NOT want to leave her new found friend Faith Cecile at the park, but she did want to go to dance class, which was why we had to leave, oh life, so full of choices!

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