Aidan's week off from school.

I totally didn't realize until the day I was picking him up for spring break to begin that, that week was Teacher Appreciation week. Aidan has so blossomed since starting First Friends Preschool back in September '08. He is confident, enthusiastic about all of life, and talking non stop. AND SINGING. Baby Maive and him love to sing the Wonder Pets theme song, although Maive only says, GOOO... and numerous other songs I've caught Aidan singing.. it's amazing I love hearing his little voice. IF you're kids watch Noggin, no doubt you've heard the "Spring is Sprung song they do every year at this time between shows. AIDAN KNOWS EVERY WORD TO IT AND SINGS IT! Aiva of course gets jealous and trys and sings over him.

My father came to visit on his birthday and was surprised at how different Aidan is.
Not everything is this uphill battle anymore.

Aiva is having a hard time with Aidan lately. With him talking and drawing and such, it's like "her territory" or something. She's always trying to one up him. Thankfully, he's to busy enjoying life to notice. BUT I DO. and i hope this phase ends. So we had alot of fun playing outside during break. Everyday the grass is getting greener.. and im anxiously awaiting planting time.. why? so maive can pick everything.. probably..
Here are some pics of our bubble-blowing adventures outside and rainy ones inside!

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