A day in the life of me-me-meeee!

Thursday and Sundays are cleaning days here.
Today, the house is still clean from Sunday. I can still slide across these floors like i'm ice skating and not get stuck in a sticky patch. {{these kids are super at somehow getting this house stickified all over, in record time.}}
Bible Study starts back up tonight! sweet!
I am so happy that it's spring!
I'm not going to write alot. BUT i will post lots of pictures of Shpringy-ness and my lovelies!

5:30am I'm standing @ the sink filling up the coffee pitcher wondering if it's going to be a washout. " drip-drip DROP, little april showers..."

The day ended up being a BE-AHHH-UTY!

I rewarded myself after surviving Wegman's for 80 minutes with these three kids.
NO they weren't bad. they were awesome and we had alot of fun actually.. no hitting " i want-ing" or loudness.. for 80 minutes.. yeah that's right! I just wanted to buy these two favorites for myself.. is that so bad?

We went and found Shawn on his mail route, surprised him with lunch and joined some fun at the park!
How nice it must be for my baby girl to wake up from her siesta to see her handsome daddy smiling at her, mid sandwich!

You have to click on this image and make it bigger. I love the second picture, the look on his face makes me laugh! LOVE IT!

Aiv's drives me nuts with her changing clothes all the time, and her obsession with outfits.. where does she get this from?? Maybe I should embrace it? Not so much though, when it's making me late to get Aidan into school! Or when she starts school 5 months from now!
There are some days when Aidan does get tired.. No he's not in time out, nor did i place him there.. he just took a breather.. doesnt he look so sad.. he wasnt. I asked him "Aidan are you alrright?" he jumped up, giggle and happy ran to me saying "Yes mum!"

Our Le petite Artiste is always drawing me pictures. I love this one of " you and daddy holding hands under a rainbow." well not quite but I smiled and hugged her. I love my fat hand with my rings on it, and that Aiva recognized daddy's manly arm hair. NOTE: MY husband is not a hairy gross hairy man. I love how little people notice the little things!
Aidan is taking up some art too! NOTICE A & I he's getting there on writing his name..

I love this soap.. oh it smells so good and leaves your hands smelling so beautiful. AND can you guess what we had for dinner?

my little monkey mama..
green thumbs? scratch that... brown thumbs!

the one on the right I adore, it's blurry but you see, my little man was coming in for a landing on my KISSER! He is so generous with kisses for mommy!

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Megan said...

Cutest kids on the planet + seriously talented photographer for a mom = one rad blog

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Juliette said...

Don't forget the most important ingredient!! * www.shabbyblogs.com
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