Easter Sunday, well, Shawn and I were bone heads and forgot about sunrise services.. so we showed up to church, right when the doors came open and the service was done. We are pros! So we headed up to Oneonta, NY to have lunch at Brooke's Chicken House.
We waited 40 minutes in line, but had alot of fun making friends with strangers and since our children are entertainers there were a lot of laughs with some warm hearted "folks". It was so busy and noisy as well, so we were free to talk loud and be silly and it didn't bother anyone. You know, our kids are SO enthusiastic about life! It was an enjoyable day all in all. And don't you worry, we talked to the kids about the reason for the day, it was just a really watered down version. "Chees-us" Is what the kids say for Jesus.. it makes me smile. and hopefully the big guy himself doesn't mind.

Already asking mom for money eh?? Get in line sweets!

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