Friendly's & a freeeebieeee!

Yesterday was almost a rough day. Woke feeling really icky. BY noon i was alright, and i spent the day doing 6 loads of laundry, folded & put away. Did the dishes three times.
{ no, i do not own a dishwasher } hint hint: my birthday is on it's way! swept twice, vacuumed and mopped{twice} the floors of this home, played with the kids of course, but all the while, i felt sooo down and icky. no reason.. just physically zapped. But all the while, i had a smile on my face and faked it for my kids. They are happier when they see me smiling. But when its not genuine it makes your face ache.
Thankfully Shawn asked if I'd like to go out to eat for dinner. YES! I don't have to cook or cleanup! Yaaay! I asked if we could go to Friendly's. Shawn doesn't care so much for it, but I do. I went there alot as a kid.
So we went.. AND I used my friendly's coupon for a free sundae that Kaley shared with us! yaaaay! Please check out her new site that just went live today! She puts up many great deals, just about daily. I've been blessed with getting Martha Stewart Living magazine, All You magazine, and coupons for CVS and many other goodies! Subscribe, enjoy and show her some LOVE!

Thank you Kaley!

Cha-Ching on a Shoestring

me with this dandy coupon!
these cool red glasses reveal a secret message to the kids on their placemats... if only they could read..

chompy here, chompin' away.

aidan loves these things! it's raining today, and he has been wearing them since he woke up, even to school, i bet a rainy day looks better in red?
There you go!

Me & my hubby's FREE SUNDAE!

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Cha-Ching on a Shoestring said...

those pics make me happy, julie!!!