One of those days.

Warning: Gag factor = 97%
So this morning, we were already running late. Aidan was eating his oatmeal at a snails pace. Aiva switched her outfit 3 times before I found her hiding in her room under a blanket knowing i would be mad at her for changing out of what i had originally gave her.
I changed Maive's #2 diaper, got her up in hopes she would find something to occupy herself while I got Aidan's sock's and shoes on. It was a scatterbrained morning ( isn't it always with you JULIE, you ask? ) yes, yes it is.
I'm dirty blonde, and bleach it to platinum, what do you expect from me?
It was 8:30 and we were supposed to be in the car backing out of the garage.. but had a long ways to go..
As I finished tieing Aidan's shoe i took a deep breath and reached for Maive's diaper to pony express it to the diaper pal... only.. no diaper.. the diaper lay open across the room... only noo poop! My eyes enlarged in horror as Maive paraded around the room, arm raised ( think statue of liberty ) carrying the tird rather than torch!
Yeah.. It's been one of THOOOSE DAYS. Thankfully this never happens, it has now, but it wont again!
Hopefully you laughed, if you didnt and are leaving disgusted... lighten up!!

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HighlandGhillie said...

ha ha!! I DID laugh!! Statue of Liberty tird...lol...

I once came into the room to find the dog (sweet thing that she is) "helped" clean the poopy cloth diapers.. ick... I think "that stuff" is like candy to a dog.