Sunday was pretty!

Yes. It was!
First off we all got 9 hours of sleep!
Woke up to the sun shining brightly in our bedroom, usually we wake up before it rises over the hill. My husband whispering for me to " Juuuullliee.. huuuunneeeey.. JULIE!" "Look!"
He got me a spiffy, TracyJoy Camera bag & because I am butterfingers and NO, I will not admit how many times I've dropped my camera ( and it hasnt broke! ) woohoo CANON! He also suprised me with a My Funky Camera wrist strap!
IT was a sweet sunday morning. After church I headed up north and did a photo shoot for a family in which the brother is moving to South Carolina! It was hot for April 26!
I got to use my Tracy Joy bag yesterday! It's perfect. It's better than the pictures on her page. It holds all my gear, camera body, three lenses ( and more room for 3-4 more ) my flash, diffuser, keys, agenda, and everything is protected by the pockets they go in, plus the soft lining. I just love it so much! It was light, colorful & fun. We did our photo shoot at the park and alot of people commented on it, and a couple of mom's wanted it for a diaper bag! I am so suprised and happy Shawn got these for me. He knows our rural carrier ( my husband's a mailman, if you didnt know ) and everything was a surprise!
Thank you my mail man *my husband*! What a lovely day. More pics to follow later!

This Tracy Joy Camera Bag is the Kristine in Brown, Patti Paisley Pink

My Funky Camera wrist strap!

Shawn was unaware of the spring sale, and I was too, so it was a SHWEET surpise to get a second flap FREE! I checked and this is only going on until april 30th for the brown bags! Hurry!

and my darling little red! so cute surrounded in GOD's light! can you guess what she's eating??

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Drea said...

your bags so cute!! love ur hair 2