More precious with time..

even just a little ol' 18 months..
18 months or so ago we took a June trip to the Adirondack's for three days.
It rained a lot, but the kids were content for me, and Shawn got to do some mad awesome Fly fishing!
I've learned to step up and get something out of it for me when we go on these every so often to i booked a photo session with Rae Barnes.
Oh man Oh man, it was the first time shawn and myself had been in front of the camera like that, well i practice on him all the time, but you know, new person just met.. crazy rained in kids been confined all day..
she was just so awesome and sweet.
I got these photos out this afternoon to look through and re position in the little slide in cheapO album i have.
But really, I've learned how important it is to have them, the real thing, in your hand. NOT on a CD, or on your desktop or hardrive..
I think I'll stop offering the CD to my clients. Because really, they hardly print anything.. they keep them on CD's.. they get rathced or dusty, the walls are still naked.. the work and time I invested in them does not get the proper appreciation.
If you are going to pay to get your photos taken, get them printed people!
Plus I learned from Rae Barnes, because she was so awesome at emailing me and informing me educating me on some things to really take a step back and question how i was pricing myself valueing myself and really taking a look at what other people see..
I learned they just saw someone with cheap prices.
It kind of floored me, but hey we all learn.
We all have niches and talents and gifts..
a business owner, confident woman is not one that I am, but I am totally ok with what I am.. and i could list what I am here.. but i wont.. I just smile to myself.
It feels good to finally fit in my own two shoes! :)
BUT REALLY REALLY REALLY, i'll stop ranting (( so, sorry havent been sleeping and have sicky kids so i feel rushed )) I just love that in a little itme of 18 months here.. well, it feels a lot longer.. and looking through what Rae Captured that day, her talent, the time we had, the wetness, the phenominal job she does behind her camera and artistically on the comp. i am just still blown away, and blwon away at how much my three kids have changed in a year and a half.
These photos are a treasure that just keep on getting better and better with age.
I am inspired!!!
Thank you thank you thank you to Rae Barnes!!
All photos by www.raebarnes.com
oh.. yes.. and i was going through a phase. I still remember the look on my husbands face when I came home with hair all whacked off and bleached.. white!!

Rae Barnes is now residing in Philadelphia, PA
IF you are in the area def book her/add her and congratulate her as they're expecting with second child! :)
Rae's FB

I love looking at these so much!
I can't wait to invest and get more of these done sometime after the new arrival comes.
Due Apri 1st!


Nicole Carter said...

These are such inspiring images!

Jewel said...

You guys are absolutely DARLING!! Would love some great family shots of my own little fam... One of these days!! :)

Desi said...

SOOOO cute! You look good as a blonde OR brunette! Your fam is adorable : )

Abigail Smith said...

You have such a beautiful family! Love the little redheads. :)